Does CVS take Apple Pay in store (Complete Guide)?

Have you ever heard about the CVS pharmacy? Is apple pay accepted at CVS pharmacy or not? CVS pharmacy is one of the reputable retail pharmacies that gained a great presence in the United States. It is the largest pharmacy chain in the US, with more than 9000 stores.

CVS is considered a staple in household America that provides various services and products, including cash back and money orders with debit cards. CVS has become a great innovator that offers touch-free payment transactions, from accepted payment methods, like PayPal, NFC, and Venmo QR codes.

But today’s topic is whether CVS accepts Apple pay or not. Yes, CVS also accepts apple pay as a valid payment option. Earlier, CVS had only its payment option, named CVS pay powered by currents. This payment system is based on the QR code. Hence, NFC was considered more mainstream in 2018, but later CVS decided not to continue with NFC pay because of the rapid adoption of the various devices.

So, now CVS takes apple pay and other NFC digital payments, and all credit goes to NFC technology that makes it possible. You can easily use Apple Pay at the CVS pharmacy counter, and CVS self-service checkout. Keep reading the article if you want to know how to use the apply pay to pay at CVS and many more related facts to CVS and apple pay.

Does CVS accept apple pay 2022?

Do you need to visit the CVS pharmacy for your medication or prescription? Will apple pay be accepted at CVS pharmacy in 2022? If you need more cash in your pocket or want to pay for the prescription or medication at CVS pharmacy by phone, you will surely ask this question.

CVS is one of the largest pharmacy chains throughout the US and has more than 9600 stores across 49 states. The good fact here is that CVS accepts apple pay in its 8600 stores, the most locations. CVS allows customers to pay through apple pay from 2018 at the checkout and pharmacy counter. But bear in mind that CVS only accepts Apple pay in stores. You can not use Apple pay to pay online to CVS or the CVS app.

How do I use Apple Pay at CVS?

Is apple pay accepted at cvs

As we told you already, apple pay uses the NFC system to make payments, so if you want to use apple pay to pay at CVS in-store, you should have the NFC reader. As CVS accepts apple pay, here are the available steps to use it. You can easily pay at CVS with apple pay, the same as you use apple pay at other stores. 

Once you reach the pharmacy store, CVS, you must follow the steps below to use Apple pay.

  1. First, you have to open your apple wallet app
  2. Next, you have to take your phone close to the NFC CVS reader
  3. Once the scanning of NFC is complete, it authorizes your fingerprint or face id, according to your iPhone model
  4. After the payments are successfully processed, you can see the checkmark icon on the screen of your phone

These are some simple steps that help you to use apple pay at CVS in-store. Remember that you cannot use apple pay at the CVS app, CVS online stores, or CVS websites.

Does CVS take apple pay in stores?

Yes, CVS takes the apply pay as the valid payment option to pay in-store. CVS started accepting apple pay as the payment method in 2018. The checkout counters, pharmacy counters, and the CVS self-service checkouts accept apple pay.

Other retailers started accepting apple pay as a payment method in 2015 when CVS used its payment method, named CVS pay ( contactless payment system). At that time, this CVS pay system worked like the QR Code to make payments. But in 2018, CVS discontinued this payment system and started accepting apple pay in stores.

It is clear that CVS takes apple pay in more than 8600 stores, but how do you know if your nearby CVS stores accept apple pay? Here is the perfect way for you to know. There are two methods to determine whether your local CVS store accepts apple pay.

  1.  Apple website

Apple’s website is always regulated by the major CVS retailers that accept Apple pay. On the webpage, you can easily search the location of all CVS stores that accept apple pay.

  1. Apple maps app

The apple map app always shows you updated information on the location of CVS stores that accept Apple pay. There is a separate information section, as the name is useful. You can get the checkmark close to apple pay in this section if apple pay is an accepted payment option at this location.

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Does CVS take apple pay for instacart?

Yes, CVS takes apple pay for instacart also. Digital payments provide the allowance to shoppers to check out using apple pay. Instacart digital checkouts are easily available for all shoppers. It means shoppers only need to tap on their phone and pay through apple pay without reaching their wallet or carrying cash.

Instacart digital checkout is provided with a partnership with a modern card platform.

  •  As we tell you, CVS is operated with NFC technology, which allows customers to use apple pay for instacart also.
  • With the help of NFC technology, Instacart digital checkout will easily be available anywhere as credit cards are accepted through apple pay.
  • Digital checkout at CVS helps get good feedback by improving the shopper’s in-store experience at instacart.
  • Using the NFC technology through apple pay platforms, the digital checkout for instacart is highly safe and keeps all payment-related information confidential through tokens.

Does CVS make Apple pay for money orders?

Yes, CVS takes apple pay for money orders. As we tell you, the CVS pharmacy is operated by NFC technology, allowing CVS to accept money orders through apple pay as an accepted payment form. You can easily use Apple Pay in-store or online on CVS for money orders.

Does CVS atm take apple pay?

You can use Apple pay on Chase ATM Only at CVS stores. Many CVS stores have installed ATMs, making it easy for customers to proceed with cashless transactions. Many CVS ATMs are well-equipped with several denominations. These denominations differ with the location and ATM Type. It means the kind of CVS ATMs differs from one location to another. The CVS ATMs that take apple pay are all point network, chase money pass, Santander, and Citibank.

You can easily use Apple Pay at any of the CVS ATMs. If you are a US bank or all-point network cardholder, then there are no transaction fees applied for using the ATM of CVS. 


Apple Pay is used at more than 8600 CVS stores of CVS, with the help of an NFC reader during checkout. However, the CVS app or CVS online pharmacy not accepting apple pay as a valid payment option. 

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