How to Deposit Check on Atomic Credit Union App Online?

Atomic Credit Union app is an Android and iOS mobile application wherein you can check in your finances regularly. Mostly meant for those people who are often too busy in their lives to run a check on the finances. You can get every detail about your finances at your fingertips.

There is a lot more you can do with the app but primarily it helps you regulate your finances by keeping an eye on it daily.

How to deposit a check with the atomic credit union app?

deposit check with atomic credit union app

To deposit a check with Atomic Credit Union online, follow the below procedure:

  1. Write your check and fill in all the details.

  2. Additionally, the check mention “for deposit only” and you would need to add your signatures to it.

  3. Scan both sides of the check and capture the image of the front and the back of the check.

  4. Submit it to Atomic Credit Union bank by using mobiles and other electronic devices.

How to add an External Account on Atomic Credit Union App?

– To add an external account, go to your Banks and Transfers.

Gather the details about the bank you want to externally add like Bank Name, location, routing number as well as account number.

  • Click on add a new account tab,
  • Click to add an account in the section mentioned.
  • Enter the bank details here in this section.
  • Once entered they would verify your account.
  • After several trials deposits your account will be verified and then your account would be activated.

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Features of Atomic Credit Union mobile app includes,

  • A safe money management facility
  • Certificates for keeping the money longer for earning more interests.
  • Special youth accounts for children with a Kirby Kangaroo or a Teen account.
  • Create a health savings account
  • You could get Visa Prepaid Gift Cards
  • Individual retirement account and money management with higher interest rates are possible.

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