Does Kroger take Apple Pay (Complete details 2024)?

Cashless payments have become an important part of our life today. According to statistical reports, digital payments have grown significantly in recent years and increased the trend of mobile wallets.

Apple Pay has gained great heights in the category of online payment platforms. Most online stores and retailers allow their customers to use Apple Pay as a valid payment form. Kroger is one of the best online platforms that offer the best products to its customers and operates in such a way that it provides convenience to its customers.

The most curious question that comes to our mind is, does Kroger take Apple Pay at their stores? Kroger does not take Apple Pay as a valid payment method at its stores or online. The chain Kroger does not permit customers to make purchases using Apple pay. In short terms, Apple Pay is not the acceptable payment method at Kroger in 2024. Besides this, Kroger accepts various payment options like Kroger pay, WIC, EBT/ SNAP, afterpay, etc.

Here are the short details about Apple Pay’s acceptance at Kroger. Keep reading the article if you want to know whether or not Kroger accepts Apple Pay for other purposes, like gas, instacart, etc.

Does Kroger accept Apple Pay 2024?

How to use Apple Pay at Kroger

Do you want to make convenient payments without any trouble? Sometimes people face complexities while paying for groceries. Apple Pay is one of the best payment methods already accepted by various online chains like Walmart, Target, etc.

This fact makes the question arise whether Kroger takes applied pay or not. The current status is that Apple Pay is not considered an accepted payment option by Kroger in its stores. This chain does not provide the choice for its customers to pay through Apple Pay for their purchases.

According to the 2020 reports, Kroger tried to experiment with applying pay and allowing Apple Pay as an accepted payment option. Still, customers should have shown interest in Apple Pay and left it unused.

This is the reason why Apple Pay is not accepted by Kroger today. If you are frequently a shopper at Kroger or plan to start shopping at Kroger, you should know that Apple Pay is not accepted at Kroger. Here is the list of other payment options that Kroger allows its customers to use

  • Visa
  • Debit cards
  • Mastercard
  • American Express card
  • Discover cards

So, you are currently only allowed to make payments from these above methods at Kroger.

How do you use Apple Pay at Kroger?

As we tell you, currently, Kroger does not allow their customers to use Apple Pay as an accepted and valid payment form. Unfortunately, Kroger has yet to give a timeline for when it will accept Apple Pay as a valid payment mode in its stores. Customers are very disappointed, which is why Kroger does not accept Apple Pay.

So, as an alternative, Kroger comes with the Kroger pay app, a digital and convenient payment method for all customers. The users of the Kroger pay app can easily use their iPhones at registers and self-checkout and can make purchases at fast checkout times. The best thing is that Kroger Pay is less expensive to operate than Apple Pay, and it increases the profits for Kroger. Besides Apple Pay, Kroger accepts payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, checks, cash, and AMEX.

As we know, there are other options to use than Apple Pay at Kroger. But you can still use your phone to pay at Kroger online.

  • While making purchases at Kroger, the digital and convenient payment option, Kroger Pay, permits you to use your phone as the best payment solution.
  • It produces the one-time QR Code ( quick response code) that is easily scanned at checkout to finish the payment process at Kroger.
  • At the time of checkout at Kroger, you only need to scan the QR code by phone and give the payment details to the PIN pad of a Kroger store.
  • This system of QR codes at Kroger safely combines the details with your payment data stored on your phone to complete the payment process.

Does Kroger take apples to pay for gas?

Using the apply pay at Kroger for gas is a great way to save money. You can not only use the credit card to pay for gas, but also you can use the Apple Pay account to save your credit card details. It will eliminate the problem of remembering the card number at Kroger gas stations.

But you may wonder when you know Kroger does not take Apple pay for gas. Kroger pay replaces the applied pay to use at Kroger gas stations. Undoubtedly, Apple Pay is one of the best payment methods that allows you to pay for gas without carrying a physical wallet.

Unfortunately, Kroger does not take Apple pay for gas because it has its own payment method, which Kroger pays to use for its gas stations.

Does Kroger take Apple Pay for instacart?

When you make purchases at Kroger via instacart, you are also not allowed to use Apple Pay; as we tell you, Kroger never takes Apple Pay as an accepted payment option. Alternatively, you can use the Kroger pay app to pay on instacart for shopping at Kroger.

Does Kroger accept apples to pay for money orders?

No, Kroger does not take Apple Pay in any of its stores. Even for your money orders, you cannot use Apple Pay at Kroger because, currently, the chain does not allow you. Instead, customers can use alternative payment methods or the Kroger pay app to pay from their iPhones at registers or self-checkouts.

You should remember that Kroger only takes credit cards, debit cards, cash, personal checks, and Amex as payment methods. Other than these payment methods, Kroger does not accept any other.

Some customers feel disappointed when they learn that Kroger does not accept Apple Pay, but the Kroger Pay app makes it convenient for them to easily pay for their purchases at Kroger in-store or online. Kroger also offers coupons or discounts that save customers money on their purchases. Kroger made great efforts to avoid their customers from the disappointment of not allowing Apple Pay.


Even Kroger does not allow Apple Pay to make payments, but it allows the other various payment methods to be used in-store or online. At Kroger, you freely use the EBT/SNAP cards, Scan, Kroger pay, Go technology, Bag, etc.


Can I pay with my phone at Kroger?

Yes, you can easily pay at Kroger with your phone if you have the Kroger Pay and Kroger app. For this, you open the Kroger app and move to the Kroger pay section. Then, choose the debit or credit card to make the payment successfully at Kroger.

Why does Kroger not take Apple Pay?

Kroger started experimenting with Apple Pay in 2020. However after the trial, no more customers showed interest in using Apple Pay and left it without use. So, Kroger does not accept Apple Pay. 

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