How to cash out on app? Dogecoin | Bitcoin [2024]

How to cash out on app?

These are a few steps you must use to withdraw money from the exchange.

  1. Login to your app and then press the Balance tab from the top-right corner.
  2. Search for your cryptocurrency and then press the Withdraw tab.
  3. From the exchange, you can encash using the following way.
  4. Withdraw from an external wallet address.
  5. Encash from app
  6. When encashing to a new address, then ensure the currency is right as the one to which you are withdrawing. Adding a label, punching the Google verification code and saving the address are some of the steps you need to fulfil.
  7. Choose confirm the withdrawal tab and review it completely.

How to cash out on to bank?

cash out on app

To withdraw money from to a bank, these are the two steps you need to follow.

  1. Set up a Fiat wallet with your account.
  2. Choose your currency and then transfer the amount in the desired currency to your bank account. 

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How to cash out dogecoin on

Encashing dogecoin on is possible by logging in to the app.

  1. First, visit the transfer tab from your home screen.
  2. Click on the Withdraw tab and then press the crypto button.
  3. From there move to the exchange and then choose the kind of crypto you wish to withdraw.
  4. Complete the transfer process and it will be done instantly without charging any fees.

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How to cash out bitcoin on

Follow the same process as given above and choose bitcoin as the cryptocurrency you want to transfer.

How to cash out Shiba Inu on

Shiba Inu can also be encashed by choosing Shiba Inu as the cryptocurrency.

How to cash out XRP on

Choose XRP from when selecting the cryptocurrency. Finally, withdraw money from and transfer the amount to a safe wallet.


Choosing and transferring different cryptocurrencies can be done through To do so, you can read the detailed process from here.

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