6 Easy Content Marketing Tips That Will Save At Least an Hour This Week

Even 15 minutes can play a key role in a person’s life, especially when trying to keep up with the fast-paced digital world. If your work involves any type of blogging and you know the value of time, you should look at the tips below, which will teach you how to use it efficiently.

Create a Content Plan

A content plan guarantees stability, allowing for generating high-quality content faster based on established standards and clear guidelinfes. Having the plan at hand, you do not need to urgently come up with at least some topic when you run out of ideas for posts. Second, you can be sure that your content is well-balanced. Thirdly, the content plan helps to align the materials intended for publishing with your general promotion strategy.


Do Not Ignore Useful Digital Tools

Make the most of the opportunities provided by the Internet. Nowadays, there are many websites and programs that will help you create quality and professional content. You can start with templates and stock visuals and proceed with an animation maker, hashtag generator, infographics maker, and other helpful tools. These web resources simplify content marketers’ tasks greatly and are always ready to provide them with both free and paid features.

Learn to Assign Responsibilities

If you work in a team, you should not pull all the work by yourself, especially when you know that certain aspects of content creation don’t fall into your strong points, and it may take you longer to complete the tasks. Based on this, you should learn to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and priorities and shift some tasks to other team members. For instance, if you are not that good at SMM but well-versed in preparing content for more traditional channels like email, delegating a part of the job to your Facebook-savvy colleagues makes sense. Do not grab onto something that can make you spend the entire weekend at the computer without getting the desired result. 


Help Yourself to Stay Focused

It is often difficult to pull yourself together and stay focused on work when you are stuck in procrastination or constantly distracted by something. In this case, you can try and master the Pomodoro Technique, which involves hour-and-a-half work sessions interrupted by 30-minute breaks. Set a timer, take all gadgets as far from the workplace as possible, use special apps designed to block distractions and improve concentration, and ask people around to avoid bothering you for a certain time. These practices will help you develop self-discipline, and you will learn to quickly collect thoughts and trigger inspiration.

Produce Materials In Advance

Unfortunately, inspiration does not come 24/7, and therefore, when you are in the mood for active work, you should squeeze 100% out of yourself. For instance, if you feel your brain activity is turned on to the max in creating a text, it will be wrong not to take advantage of this and fail to write a few more posts in a single sitting. Creating content ahead of time is one of the right decisions and the most rewarding. There is nothing better than having a chance to just open your notes, slightly correct the material, and publish it any time you need.

Know How to Use Analytics

There are standard analytical indicators used by content marketing specialists to assess the effectiveness of a particular publication or a campaign. The indicators will be more or less the same regardless of the content type, be it an article published on a partner platform or a post on a social networking website:

  • impressions
  • reach
  • traffic
  • time spent on a page
  • likes, shares, and comments
  • overall engagement, and so on

These metrics allow you to understand whether your article, newsletter, or post hits the spot. To obtain them, you can use built-in Google, Facebook, and other platform-specific services or launch third-party programs collecting data from multiple online channels. This analysis helps you learn your target audience better. You can see which topics are interesting to your subscribers and which posts get more responses and interactions. Also, you will be able to draw conclusions as to publications that don’t work for your audience so that you can avoid wasting time creating them. A correct understanding of the analytics helps you use various promotion methods that will attract more people without your direct participation.


Using your time wisely without overloading yourself is one of the most important skills you need to develop. Success will come to you with experience, which will allow you to capitalize on various time-saving and efficiency-boosting tricks. We hope this article has helped you get one step closer to your goals.

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