Does Bit Quant App really gives withdrawal?

Bit Quaint app is a mobile application that offers Investments or trading to its users. It is a trading app that promises you commissions in return. You also have to deposit Rs.6000 before you can start making investments.

You can earn somewhere between 300 and 900 rupees and the profits can happen 6 days a week. The loss term is 1 day per week and if you add people, you will get 15% of the total deposit amount.

Can you earn Money from Bit Quant App?

Yes through investment or trading return, every user can earn money from the Bit Quaint app easily. For every investment you make, you will get a return amount. You will be able to join Fxtm and earnings are sure shot while payments are guaranteed. People are earning a lot by trading bitcoins. Through this platform, even newbies can earn without having to invest a lot of time in learning the tricks of the trade.

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Does Bit Quant App really gives withdrawal?

Bit Quant App

According to many people, the best part of trading with the BitQuaint app is that it will allow you to withdraw whenever you want. The amount of money will go to your account within 24 hours. Also unlike other apps, there is no said limit that people need to earn to transfer from the app. Even if you have earned $2 and wish to transfer the amount, you can do it easily using the app.

But your payouts will be dependent on your investments which means the more you invest the more you can earn from it.

How to install Bit Quant App on Android & iOS?

You can install it on your Android phones from third party appstores. To do so, you will need to follow these below quick steps.

  1. First permit your phone to download apps from third-party stores by choosing to toggle the Settings switch. It allows you to download any app from anywhere.
  2. Visit your preferred third-party appstore and then search for the respective app.
  3. When you get it, click on the download option and then wait for the download to complete.
  4. Once done, run the app on your phone to install it.

You can do a similar process even with your iOS phones but make sure you are not jailbreaking or defying Apple’s contract in any way in the process.

Bit quant app real or fake?

People have cited several reasons for declaring the app to be a fake one. But many others are writing in favor of the app. Once the app starts profiting people on a larger scale, only then will it become a completely legal app as then people will stop anticipating it to be a fake one. Often market prefers to claim the app to be fake to prevent people from losing hugely on such apps.

Is Bit quant app legal in India?

Since Cryptocurrency trading is not illegal in India as of 24 November 2021, you can easily trade and earn or invest in cryptocurrencies. However, the app is what people are worried about and if you can get sure returns easily and are even able to withdraw amounts like many, there got to be no reason to call the app fake.


Learning trading is a tough process and people need to invest a lot of time and money. But if you think you want to go ahead and invest, you need to know of apps that can do it for you even if your knowledge is limited in this regard.

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