Bumble Launches Separate BFF App for Platonic Friendships

Bumble is a dating app and is now busy launching a separate app for platonic friendships. Most people who have used the Bumble For Friends app claim that they would allow such a provision only if two people have the same gender. Cross-gender friendships are not promoted within the platform. The Bumble app launched the BFF mode in 2016 in Australia, the Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, the UK, and the US.

According to the app, there are only 15% of monthly users were using the BFF mode. Now, the BFF app is launched in several other markets currently. You can download the app for free from either the Apple appstore or Google Playstore. But the BFF app also uses different subscription plans which include weekly, monthly, three or six (monthly) subscriptions, and also offers a lifetime subscription.

With the help of the plan, you can

  • backtrack left swipes,
  • go for advanced filter options,
  • try the incognito mode,
  • get the super swipes offer, and also
  • get notified better about everything.

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What can people do to create profiles in BFF app?

To create a proper profile, apart from mentioning the basic details, one can do the following;

  • They can outline their interests
  • Etch out what friends are looking for
  • Users can also port their old profiles into the new app. After users port their profiles, users would not have access to the BFF mode. The company has no plans to retire the BFF mode.

With the help of Bumble, you can now roll out group chats also. Planning meetups among groups are very much possible with the help of the app. A subject line with two or more people joining in can be done with the help of the app.

It will also auto-generate taglines that people can use easily and they don’t need to type it at all. If someone is trying to use this platform for their romantic purpose, even such behavior can be easily reported.

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With this BFF app, Bumble is becoming a part of the huge number of friend-forming apps which all link together through Snapchat. Apps like LMK, Wizz, Wink, Hoop, and Swipr are some of those apps which work through Snapchat.

If you want to be on some such platform, why not try for yourself? But before you do, have a look at what this app has to offer.

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