How to Add Categories in Discord [Complete Guide]?

What are categories in discord?

The gamers’ favorite application, Discord, provides users with new and handy features every now and then. This application is amazing for gamers online, to say the least, as you can communicate with your in-game team members with ease. 

With that said, what if you have multiple channels for different groups of friends and teammates? In order to organize the groups securely, Discord has launched yet another feature for all, aka the category section. It provides permission for having and organizing multiple channels at the same time and allows the gamers to work specifically on each channel. For starters, the channel can be organized in the category settings.

Just like the channels do have permission, the same goes for the category. You will have to manage the settings permission to organize the channels under the category section neatly. This way, it will improvise the structure of your server account.

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How to add categories in Discord?

Are you feeling confused to see all your channels scattered up throughout your Discord dashboard? The easy fix: just organize the channels into category form. This is the best you can do to keep stuff organized, to sub-channelize for all your new and pre-existing channels in discord. 

We will show you exactly the way to categorize all your channels into sub-channels via the Discord setting “category.” Consider the steps mentioned below-

Step 1- First things first, simply click on the right-hand corner button of your server icon. Alternatively, you can also click on the chevron just on the right side of the server name.

Step 2- In the menu list, you will see “create category”. Choose it.

Step 3- Give your category a name, and then bring the list into your channel list.

Step 4- Instantly, sync permission will appear on your display. Click “yes” or “sync permission.”

 Step 5- Now, the changes in the category will be synced with the changes of your selected channel.

If you do not sync, then your updates in the category will not reflect in that channel.

Step 6- you can put synced and non-synced channels under one category if you wish to. 

On Mobile

Step 1- Open or install the Discord app.

Step 2- Login in to your Discord account with credentials, or sign in directly.

Step 3- Navigate to the homepage of your Discord profile.

Step 4- Click the menu option from the page.

Step 5- Choose the option of “create a category” from the list at the end.

Step 6- After choosing the option, provide a desired name for the category.

Step 7- Confirm the changes and drag the category into the channel section.

Step 8- Now an option of “syncing permission” will appear on your screen.

Step 9- Click yes, or sync permission.

Step 10 – Now the permission of channels will sync with the category of your Discord account.

Step 11- You can also keep the channels non-synced in the Discord app.

Please note that If the permission of channels is not synced with the permission of categories, then the changes in that category will not be reflected in the channel section.

On Computer

Step 1- Open or set up the Discord application.

Step 2- Using your login information, sign in to the Discord app or website.

Step 3- Access the profile’s main page on Discord.

Step 4- Select the menu label the page’s menu.

Step 5- Then, choose “make a category” from the list of options at the bottom.

Step 6- Once done, give the category a according to your preference.

Step 7- Double-check on the adjustments you made before dragging the category into the channel area.

Step 8- Then, the “syncing permission” option will pop up.

Step 9- Press Sync Permission, or click on “yes.”

Step 10- Channel permissions will now be synchronized with categories in the Discord client.

Step 11- In your Discord account, you may also choose to keep the channels out of sync.

Remember that changes to categories won’t appear in the channel section if the permissions for channels and categories are not in sync.

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How to add role categories in discord?

How to move categories in discord server?

Step 1- Open or launch the Discord app on your smartphone or PC.

Step 2- Sign in with proper credentials or log in with your existing Discord account.

Step 3- navigate to the home page of your app.

Step 4- Click on the sidebar menu located on the left side of your screen. Then, click on settings menu.

Step 5- Then choose the roles tab, 

Step 6- You will end up in a (+) sign symbol and role settings tab.

Step 7- Assign a role name in the (+) section above the @everyone.

Remember that this @everyone role is actually the default role you use to manage everyone’s server settings. You won’t be able to change the name, color, or size of this role.

Step 8- Set the permissions of the new role, by clicking “yes” to all the permissions on the settings page.

Step 9- You can manage roles on the settings tab in future, if needed!

How to move categories in discord server?

how to move categories in discord

Moving categories in Discord is pretty straightforward. You will just have to follow this two- step process- 

Step 1- Choose the category you want to move to.

Step 2- Drag and drop the category to the desired place where you want it to be.

That’s all!

How to add more categories in discord?

To add more categories, refer to the guide below-

Step 1- Navigate to the homepage of your Discord app.

Step 2- Head on to the settings list.

Step 3- Choose the “create a category” option and enter a preferred name of your new category, and done!


How many categories can you have in Discord?

The maximum number of categories you can select is 50.

Can you make sub categories in Discord?

The simple answer is YES!

There are two convenient ways that you can make subcategories. Either you can modify a category’s settings or by simply dragging and sliding a category under another. Yes, subcategories can be created just by the drag-and-drop. For starters, users can create as many levels of subcategories as they want. 


Discord servers channels are the most crucial component. Members can engage here, and it’s most likely where you’ll educate your community on different topics and pieces of info. With that said, the content of channels is not limited to text or speech, though. 

Text channels may be used to post files and documents, share your favorite music videos, and even adorable pet pngs. Members may also take part in video conferences, broadcast games, or watch another stream over voice channels. Furthermore, you can even share yourworkspace for others to observe. What more could you probably ask for?

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