How to Pay for Discord Nitro without Credit Card?

Are you on Discord and want to upgrade to Discord Nitro but do not have a credit card? If that’s so, you’re in the right place! There is always a way around things even if they may seem impossible. In this piece, we’ll be discussing how to buy discord nitro without credit card. 

So, let’s get started…. shall we?

Can you get discord nitro without a credit card?

No credit card and you want to get Discord Nitro? Yes, it’s possible! Keep scrolling to know how to get it without credit card.

How to Pay for discord nitro without credit card?

For the record, there are a bunch of ways to pay for it without necessarily using a credit card. You may either use a Google Play Gift card or a payment option. Follow the steps below to proceed:

Step 1: First, you can buy a Google Play Gift Card.

Step 2: You can redeem the Gift Card into your Google Play Account to get credits.

Step 3: Then you use the credits to buy Discord Nitro.

Step 4: Alternatively, you could use the Google Play Service to buy Discord Nitro.

How to claim discord nitro without credit card?

nitro code without credit card

You can do the same by getting a Discord Nitro gift card. Say, you have got a Discord Nitro gift card and you want to claim it. In case you don’t know how we are here to help you out. With the simple steps given below, you can claim your gift card in no time-

Step 1: Firstly, you have to ensure you are login to the right Discord Account to prevent errors.

Step 2: Then you click on the Gift Card link sent to you which will open in the web browser.

Step 3: Once you click on the Gift Card Link, you will be redirected back to your Discord Account

If you are using the web version of Discord, fewer errors are likely to occur.

Step 4: In the Discord application or web browser, you will get a notification that says “You are accepting this Gift as (Username)”. 

It is supposed to be your Discord Username that matters. If the username is wrong, you have the option to switch accounts to get to the right account to claim your Discord Nitro Gift Card. 

Note:- Once a Gift Card is claimed, you can not claim the same gift card a second time.

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How to get epic games Discord nitro without credit card?

For starters, you can get Epic Games for Discord from the Epic Games Store without a credit card. Also, there are other forms of payment that Epic games Store accepts. So if you do not have a credit card, you can use the other payment methods for the same.

Alternatively, you can use a Debit card, Google Play Gift Card, Paypal, and other payment methods as well which are available on Epic Games Store. Just fill in your Debit card details in the credit card payment option and the transaction will still be successful.

How to get free nitro without credit card?

If you want to know the way of getting free Discord Nitro without a credit card, it is very much possible. Consider the steps below-

Step 1: Go to your Epic Games Offer page and click on the GET button.

Step 2: Now if you have an Epic Games account, you can just sign in to your account. And if not, you can create a new account on the same page.

Step 3: Once that is done, click on the ORDER button and then the order will be completed.

That’s all! Kudos….you have successfully claimed your gift for free.

How to redeem discord nitro code without credit card?

redeem discord nitro code

As it seems, you actually do not need a credit card to redeem your Discord Nitro code. This is the fact that most of the Discord Nitro users are Minors and do not have access to a credit card. Some do not even have access to a PayPal account as well. So you can redeem your Discord Nitro from Epic Games Store without needing a credit card by following the below steps.

Step 1: First, you open Epic Games Launcher and click on the Store.

Step 2: Then in your Store, click on the Discord Nitro promotion and choose the GET option.

Step 3: After some minutes, you will receive an email to your registered mail id containing an URL to redeem Discord Nitro.

Step 4: Click on the link and then on Redeem Now.

Step 5: Once that is done, you will be redirected to a new tab in your browser where you need to log in to your Discord Account. 

This happens if you have not logged in to your Discord account already. 

Step 6: Then sign in to your account and click “Next”.

Step 7: Now you have to choose a payment method to continue. Click on “Add new payment method”, then hit “Next”. 

Step 8: Then click the “CREDIT CARD” option under “SELECT PAYMENT TYPE”.

Step 9: Now go to a new browser tab and open NamsoGen

Step 10: In the field written BIN, enter “549184”. Then click on the Generate button. 

Once you do that, some random credit card numbers will get generated. Also, the expiration dates and CVV will be generated as well in the Result tab on the right.

Step 11: You can copy and paste any of the credit card information into the payment tab in Discord. Enter any name under the “NAME ON THE CARD field” and then click “NEXT“.

Step 12: Continue by selecting your country of residence and then enter your address details. (no accuracy is necessary) Then click “NEXT“. 

Step 13: Click on Get Nitro Monthly once you have reviewed the payment details you entered.

Note:- Here, you may get an error message saying the Discord Nitro Code has already been redeemed. Do not worry about it. Just click on OK and then Discord will launch in a different browser tab. Close the new browser tab which has just opened.

Step 14: Now go back to your Discord account in the browser or the application if you have it and click on the Nitro option.

Once you click the Nitro option, you will notice the Discord Nitro has been activated on your account.

Great! Now you got your Discord Nitro Gift redeemed and can enjoy it. But make sure you do not forget to remove the credit card from the payment method section once the month is getting to an end. This is so your Discord account is not blocked when the system realizes your credit card is fake.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you use a debit card for discord nitro?

The straightforward answer is YES!

Discord Nitro requires you to use a card when you want sign up for it. So of course! You can use a debit card as long as the debit card is linked to your bank account. 

Can you buy discord nitro with a debit card?

Are you not sure whether using your debit card to buy Discord Nitro is a good idea or not? No need to worry! With all the payment options available for Discord Nitro Payment Options, a Debit Card is one of them. So yes, you can Buy Discord Nitro with your Debit Card with ease as long as it is linked to your bank account.

Can you buy discord nitro with PayPal without a credit card?

Do you want to buy a Discord Nitro using your PayPal account without actually using your credit card? Then you should know it is possible to do so. But you will have to know the card acts as a backup funding source for your PayPal Account. The card is also a means to verify your PayPal Account. So if you have funds in your PayPal account that is not from your card, you can use that to buy a Discord Nitro.

Is Discord Nitro safe to buy?

The skepticism of buying Discord Nitro comes from card security. Over thinking your details can be found by Discord once you subscribe? But not to worry because you are safe if that is your concern. Your subscription on Discord does not display your card details even if your account is hacked. So it is safe to say buying Discord Nitro is a safe and secured purchase.


Conclusively, it is possible to use Discord Nitro for free without actually using your credit card. Even if you enter your credit or debit card details, you will have to ensure to remove the saved card info before the gift card expires so that you’re not charged. In case you used a fake credit card, you will have to remove it as well so that your account may not be blocked. This happens when Discord tries to charge the account and it is notified as a fake credit card when your subscription has expired.

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