How to ADAC Spritpreise App Download? ADAC Spritpreise Europa

What is ADAC Spritpreise app?

The ADAC Spritpreise 2021  app is a novel idea whereby using it one can access the fuel prices within Germany. It also helps you plan a route, helps in punk to point navigation for cars, mobile homes, and trailers.

The fuel types and their prices are marked within the ADAC Spritpreise 2021 app like for Super E10, Super Diesel and others are all real-time reports drawn from the app. The pricing information for CNG and natural gas is facilitated by

ADAC Spritpreise Europa App

How to ADAC Spritpreise app apk download?

Downloads can be done for Android and iOS devices using the following ways.

  1. For Android

Through Google Playstore, you can download and install the ADAC Spritpreise 2021 app.

  1. For iphone

Use the Apple AppStore to download the ADAC Spritpreise app iPhone from your device.

How to use?

To use the ADAC Spritpreise 2021 app, you will need to log in or register with the app in the first place. Now logging in or registering is easy with the app. All you need is the incorporation of certain information around your personal details and some other details. Once done, and your registration is confirmed you can turn it into the app.

  • From the left side, you will need to go through several options like the map, the diesel price chart in real-time, and route planning plus navigation bar.
  • Choose the option you wish to explore & it will load into your main screen.
  • Now, with a few taps, you can extract the information you wish to check out.
  • If you upload & wish to see the ADAC fuel prices, you would get access to price comparisons, map list of the petrol stations, proper route planning to avail your needs, traffic information directly from the traffic board and also can see to the discount rates available for you.


Features of the ADAC Spritpreise Europa include;

  • Detailed list for proper route planning using the new prices at the locations of your desire.
  • Updated traffic flow information for most of the European nations.
  • Member discount facilities are marked for the different member groups.
  • The map is intricate and gives you point-to-point access to the place.


People in Germany love using this app and are leaving very good reviews for it. Google Playstore has given a 3.1 rating whereas Apple showers a gracious 4.6 for the ADAC Spritpreise Europa application.

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