How to self assign roles on discord (Complete Guide 2024)?

For the record, self roles come directly at par with forum or subreddit ranks. They grant users various rights on a server that distinguish them from normal users by changing the color of their names or elevating them in the sidebar. 

On Discord servers, setting user roles is restricted to admins by default. However, allowing users to select their own positions would be a wonderful idea since it relieves the admins of certain duties. Although there isn’t a native option in the settings to accomplish this, using Discord bots makes it simple to do so.

How to do self assign roles on discord?

How to do self assign roles on discord?

This is indeed a bit of a lengthy process, but hang on….we have got you covered! Here is the most straightforward way to do it, just consider the steps below-

NOTE: To assign your own roles, the first thing first, is to create your own role.

Method 1 With Mee6 Bot

Step 1- Open or launch the Discord app, and choose the desired server.

Step 2- Click on the selected server name and then head on to the server setting.

Step 3- Navigate to the roles tab and click on the (+) button.

Step 4- From here, you can successfully assign a role and change permissions on Discord.

Step 5- Currently, you’ve got roles and the access rights for every possible position.

Step 6- Now all we have to do is let people decide on individuals for each role.

Step 7- Next, head on to the Mee6 Discord bot webpage.

Step 8- Sign in using your Discord credentials.

Step 9- Allow the app permission to access your account.

Step 10- Simply choose “Continue” inside the pop-up after selecting the server you wish to permit self-assigning roles for.

Step 11- After logging in, navigate to the plugins area and choose the Reaction Roles plugin.

Step 12- To enable the plugin, click on the Yes button!

Step 13- Select the channel where users can assign responsibilities.

Step 14- Next, choose an emoji to symbolize a particular response by clicking on Add reaction.

Step 15- Now let folks select a role in the messages section. Additionally, specify which emoji represents each emotion.

Step 16- Choose default or reverse from the list of reaction modes. In the default mode, the user will be allocated to the positions of whatever reaction they choose.

When users touch on the reaction in a reverse manner, the role is deleted, which is useful for turning off some server alerts.

Step 17- Participants taking on multiple roles sections will be enabled by default.

Step 18- Save your changes.

Step 19- Then, head on to the channel and launch the server by yourself.

Step 20- Finally, open the server settings window to ensure that everyone can view the message.  

Step 21- Make sure Voicemail Messages and Read Written channels are turned on under Roles.

Step 22- Last but not least, make sure that “Add Reactions” is enabled in the settings for all roles.

Did you feel that the above method was too tricky and rather daunting? 

Well, we have another method for you. 

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Method 2 Using Nadeko Bot

The key difference between the two is that Nadeko may be controlled via command lines, whereas MEE6 only has a client and a dashboard. However, you may also think of it as a benefit as it enables a tonne of command inputs. This means that there are more options to customize. You can also use the command lines we have mentioned below to run Nadeko. 

Let’s start with the setup and then look at the additional benefits Nadeko offers over MEE6.

When compared to MEE6, setting up Nadeko is simple because doing so merely links Nadeko with discord. 

Step 1- If you have not set up the process, click on this. Also, make sure you log in to your Discord using your browser if you haven’t already.

Step 2- Once done, choose the server from the break menu and click on the next button.

Step 3- Click “Authorize” after allowing necessary rights to the bot.

Step 4- With this, now you can successfully add Nadeko to your Discord servers.

Step 5- now, make sure Nadeko can handle roles on the Discord server before configuring.

Step 6- Open the ‘Server Settings’ and choose “Roles” to verify the same.

Step 7- Save the modifications after choosing Nadeko and turn on the manage roles.

Step 8- Simply type “.h.asar” to permit self-assigning roles in Nadeko. On your server, it will generate a catalog of self-assignable roles.

Step 9-Enter “.asar  NAME OF THE ROLL” to add the role to the list.

And you are just done!

Please note that the procedure is case-sensitive and command-based. When compared to services like MEE6, it offers benefits. A few useful commands that might come in handy are:

  • .deaf-  mutes an unwanted user.
  • .antispam- prevents that channel from warning you of duplicate messages.
  • .voicemute- mutes a user’s voice in all channels when they are mentioned.

How to give yourself roles on Discord without admin?

This might sound tough and impossible, but we have just the simplest process for you. Adhere to us and the instructions properly. 

Step 1- Launch the Discord application on your PC/laptop.

Step 2- Select the desired server.

Step 3- Choose a server name.

Step 4- Head on to the server settings panel.

Step 5- Choose the option “roles” beside the server settings.

Step 6- You will see a (+) symbol just beneath the role option.

Step 7- Click the (+) and assign yourself the desired roles, without an admin.

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Self assign roles discord bot

Self assign roles discord bot

Method 1

Step 1- Launch the Discord software on your system.

Step 2- Choose a server according to your preference.

Step 3- Pick a server name.

Step 4- Navigate to the panel for server settings.

Step 5- Next to the server settings, select the “roles” option.

Step 6- The role selection will have a (+) sign next to it.

Step 7- Assign yourself the required roles by clicking the (+).

Method 2

Step 1- Head on to the Nadeko bot and sign in via your browser.

Step 2- Select the server from the menu and click on the “next” button.

Step 3- Agree to the necessary rights

Step 4- Finally! Nadeko is now added to your Discord server.

Step 5- Now open the server settings and select roles. 

Step 6- On selecting Nadeko and enabling the manage roles capability, confirm the changes.

Step 7- You may activate self-assigning roles on Nadeko by entering “.h.asar”. It will establish a list of self-assignable categories on the server.

Step 8- To enter a role towards the lists, type “.asar NAME OF THE ROLE.

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What self roles should a discord server have?

As discussed earlier, Discord gives you the opportunity to assign self-roles. They can create the roles on the server and assign a unique role to every individual. Generally, these are members, administrators, and moderators. The position that the administrator has often has the greatest control over a platform. Aside from removing the Discord server itself, they are permitted to edit all server settings, manage users, and build and remove channels.

How to make self assignable roles discord?

For the record, you can now create and assign roles for yourself and for your server on Discord with ease. All you need is the Mee6 or Nadeko bot for the Discord application for this. The process for making self-assignable roles is discussed above, feel free to choose one according to your preference.

End Note

As you can see, properly allocating Discord responsibilities will save you a ton of time, they guarantee that the server is structured and that the roles are split appropriately, and ensure that the server as a whole appears much more organized. For you, and for the fresh and innovative members, this is a huge relief. Role management is simple, and with the Mee6 or Nadeko bots, you even have the option to automate role assignment.

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