ABPV App for Android/iOS – Know Cost, Does it Pay you & More

Entertainment is no longer a royalty or out of reach of commoners. With the everyday addition of new apps, people can enjoy different ways of living. An app is added every day into this segment. But then few stand out as they are streaming different original content ideas. Over time, you get to find more such apps. ABPV is one such app that stands free for use and is a source to update funny videos and photos.


What is ABPV app?

If you are an entertainer or even a commoner with an entertaining clip for yourself, you can now share it with the world. Memes are easily accessible through it and also cover different category ranges.

Animal photos, videos, sports, and even news-related clips are easily accessible through it. Like Instagram and TikTok, they too use intelligent algorithms. Even adding other memes is possible to your collections.

Also using AI, the ABPV app, a publishing of Funtech Publishing Ltd. can help identify relevant posts and videos or images for you. If you want to use them or refer them or even look at them, you can do so using this app.

Even making memes using their site’s resources is also possible through the ABPV app.

The world of memes is rife and you can find all kinds of memes on the site- dank, edgy, hilarious, funny, WTT, sports and news memes, and much more.

There is a major flaw in the app though and that is proper content moderation.

There is no way to prevent those who incorporate inappropriate posts. Most of the time, these posts might not be suitable for a particular age range and as the app is open to all, this often serves as a real challenge.

App PricingFree to download Premium: $4.99 per month VIP: $9.99 per month
User rating4.13 as per the analysis of 155 ratings
App apk size52.5 MB
Libraries it is found in74
Downloads to date5+ million
Contact for supportContact section

How to Use ABPV App?

The ABPV app is available in the Google Playstore and Apple appstore. Those who want to go ahead with the installation need to click on the Install tab to start the process.

After the app is installed, one needs to click open the app.

When the app opens up, you will have to agree to their terms and conditions. You need to give basic details as to how many push notification you would be fine with.

After registering an account with them, you can start using their services. Watching funny videos and also adding your own will become easier with the app.

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How to Install ABPV App on Android & iOS?

Android: Visit the Google Playstore and then click on the Install tab from here.

iOS: Visit the Apple appstore and then click on the Get button to download the app.

App Features/Cost

  • Free Downloading: The ABPV app is free of cost.

What you get for a free account: You will get only some select content with basic features like viewing and also for sharing content.

  • Premium: Charges are $4.99 a month.

What king of content can you access at this price range?

You get access to advanced features which will include creating content. Even saving relevant content is possible with the app.

It is possible to connect different users by using the comment segment and even through different available subscriptions.

  • VIP: You get the charges fixed at $9.99 for a month.

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What do you get with a VIP account?

New and trending content is available with such an account.

Exclusive access to content before it is even available to the general mass, you can see it.

Even priority customer support will also be provisioned for you.

Is it Safe to Use ABPV App?

It is absolutely safe to use the ABPV app as the app is regularly in maintenance and people do care for the app’s safety. The backend team works to keep the app safe. It is crafted on NLP (Natural Language Processing) base. Even the app’s legitimacy is not a concern. People have been using the app and there are no reported concerns of safety and legitimacy.

Does ABPV Pay You?

No, there is no provision right now for ABPV to pay you for using it. It does not pay you right now. But as a meme creator, you can use it to spread the word about your work.


Most of us head to some common platforms but if you could head to some other and can spread the word even more, it could serve you better. Find out what all you can do with the app and it is particularly useful for those who cannot creators. They can put their creation in front of the viewers easily using the app.

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