How to create account in WPC2027 Live Dashboard?

Cockfighting is an ancient sport; people in different regions of the world have been playing it ever since olden times. Afghanistan, Persian, India, and the Southeast nations, the Philippines is one among them have all been witnessing cockfighting as a major everyday entertainment source.

There were tournaments and in earlier days there were people who followed the game throughout the days. But most of it was a localized event where the best cocks were made to fight each other and only the strongest of the two won and went ahead in the tournament.

But like everything is digitalized now, even cockfighting has gone digital too. Now, there is a site that organizes and arranges cockfighting and this way, it allows people to watch it from the comforts of their homes. They too draw an audience and it is amazing to see how many people are benefiting out of these tournaments.

Usually, a referee shadows the cocks when one nips off the flesh and feathers of another only to kill it next. Once one wins the game and a winner is found, people who put their money on that cock get it back with commissions from the ones who lost their money over the lost cock. Betting has become an addiction where the game is confidently pulling up a huge amount of money from the crowd.

There are two different platforms where people can watch the cockfighting tournament. These are the WPC 2027 and WPC2029 dashboards. These two dashboards are not very different but similar to each other in many ways.

WPC2027 Live Dashboard

What is WPC2027 Live dashboard?

Like every dashboard, the WPC 2027 live dashboard is a place where you can find out more about the different tournaments that are being arranged under their umbrella and find out the ones they are interested in the most.

Both the sites run from the Philippines and the websites are organized by It is though not played at national levels but the game is drawing quite a crowd around.

How to create account in WPC2027 Live?

To create an account in WPC2027, you must follow the below process.

  1. Visit and click on the Register tab beside the login tab.
  2. Fill in your username and password, to begin with.
  3. Next, retype the password for confirmation.
  4. Add your first and last name in the given fields.
  5. Enter your mobile number and include your Facebook profile link
  6. Add your birthdate and also provide your occupational details for the WPC2027 website.
  7. Include your income source for the WPC2027 account.
  8. Click on the Register tab to create an account on the site.

How to do login?

You must add your username and password to login to the site. You must choose your username and password carefully. There is also a forget password option which you should use if you don’t remember your password.

How to change password in wpc2027?

Changing a password is different from a password reset. The need for changing passwords will arise when your account gets compromised or if you are a person with clean digital habits and want to regularly alter your password every three months.

If at any point, you feel you want to use a new password for your account, you can follow the steps below.

  • The first step will be to login to your user account.
  • After logging into your account, move to the security settings options.
  • From there choose the reset password option.
  • Add your old password and then add a new password.
  • Click on the Change password option for WPC2027.
  • Once the password changes you can now log off and re-login using the new password in combination with your username.

How to recover wpc2027 password?

A recovering password will not take a single minute more if you know how to reset it. The trick is to provide a valid mobile number when you are registering an online account yourself.

Once you have the account, you can go ahead and click on forget password option.

A code will be sent to your number that you need to add to quickly reset your password. You can also reset it by asking them to send you a reset link to your email address. Click on the reset link and then set the password again.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is WPC2027 legit website?

WPC2027 is the site where you can not only watch cockfighting live but also win rewards by betting on the winning rooster. You can also make your rooster participate in the series and put money into it. Thus, the site just operates absolutely fine. Hence, it is a completely legitimate site that many people are using for cockfighting.

Sabong has a devoted follower list and when the winning cock stands over the dead cock after sparking it at weak spots is now an addiction. Allowed by the government the sport is known to have an age-old history in the land and was there even before Ferdinand Magellan landed there.

As per recent polls, the game has drawn millions out of pockets towards bets. When betting goes beyond a certain amount it becomes an addiction and when many people disappeared while betting in the rings, the government was urged to stop the game until the lost were found.

The amount of money being pulled out of the pockets of these people is even more than what the Hong Kong casinos earn in a day currently. Thus, under no circumstances the game is not legal in the country, it is legal by all means. All you have to do is bet on the best rooster.


The rooster sport is not a taboo in the Philippines as they believe there is no harm in killing a rooster for a mere fight which the roosters often even fight out of the rings. Thus, it is an extremely popular game there and no one really minds putting a penny into the cockfighting game. Create account in WPC2027 site to start with the gaming process.

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