How to use Free Westfield Plus Parking App?

With the help of the Westfield smart parking app in view, convenient ticketless and cashless parking is possible via the license plate recognition scheme.

Create a simple profile, enter, and leave parking lots ticketless. All you need to do is, park and leave the car there. Use the app to validate and no need to stand at the pay station. Drive straightaway and a receipt would be emailed to you every time.

With them, you can enjoy 0 to 1 hour of free parking and for 1 to 1.5 hours you’re charged $4.00 which increases with time. Westfield offers a range of services offered in Australia at Westfield centres like restaurant booking, digital gift cards, and many other such offers.

how to use Westfield parking app

How to use the Westfield parking app?

Users need to get enrolled in the Westfield program using the Westfield website or app. 

  • From the Appstore for Apple/Google Play for Android, download the Westfield plus parking app.
  • Create an account for yourself by following the prompts.
  • After creating the account, you need to save the number plates or license plate images for up to 2 vehicles.
  • Also add a payment option.

How does the Westfield parking app work?

Westfield app for parking works and follows the below procedure.

  • If you manually can’t locate a parking spot, you can search for it by the application’s built-in search option.
  • Filter your results based on location, price, and time for which you’re planning to park.
  • Now, reserve it and do your parking formalities.
  • You can also pre-book a spot to prevent being delayed in crowded places like when using it as a carousel parking app.
  • With Westfield, you get extended parking facilities for free at selected locations.
  • Check out your parking time and you can also set a reminder for selected centres.

Westfield plus app PROS CONS

Westfield can be used for availing smart parking benefits like;

  • Ticketless entries
  • Simply park and leave the car wherever it is.
  • Using the app for validation can also be done conveniently.
  • Skipping the pay station is also easier.

The disadvantages of using the app would be that it reduces free parking on a per hour basis.

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