Upsend app which Country & Founder Details [2024]

Because of the #BoycottChinaMovement, Indian Developers are developing alternatives to every Chinese app in the country. In fact, ‘Upsend – Fastest Indian File Sharing’ is also one of those apps. Yes, you read right, It is an Indian file-sharing app.

It is the desi version of the famous Chinese app, ShareIt.

Explore more to know about the App Owner, Origin, Is it safe? and much more.

Upsend App Details

App NameUpsend
SizeVaries with Devices
CategoryFile Sharing Apps
Reviews6000+ ( as in June 2020)
upsend app which country

Like ShareIt, this app is also used for sending and receiving files of any type. It is totally free and can also work in offline mode. Anyone having an android version of more than 4.1 can enjoy using this app.

During the first day of its launch, the app has crossed 50,000 installs. The app is very much appreciated by the Indians because of its origin and quality.

Upsend App Country/Origin

upsend app origin founder owner

There is no doubt about the Upsend, It is purely an Indian Based app. The app is developed by Pixoid Labs which is a Pune-based Indian company. The organization is mostly indulged in Website, software, and app development.

Who is the Founder of Upsend App?

The Upsend app is Founded and developed by Pixoid.

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Upsend App Features

  • Helps in sending any type of file within minutes.
  • Provides a QR scan feature for connectivity.
  • It saves Previously Connected devices for hassle-free connectivity in the future.
  • Share files between any android devices and also with Mac, iOS users.
  • Provides better UX than ShareIt.
  • The app consumes less Mobile storage than ShareIt.
Indias fastest file sharing app


Is it the alternative of the Chinese ShareIt app?

Yes, it is an alternative to the famous Chinese app.

Why I Should use it?

Indians should use this app to support #BoycottChineseMovement.

As you know, ShareIt is a Chinese app and we don’t even know what private information it is collecting illegally from our device. Even Chinese companies have to share this collected data to the China Government because of their Policies. So it’s better to adopt #SwadeshiMovement

Is it safe?

Yes, the app is 101% Safe and secure to use.

How to Download Upsend App?

You can download the app directly from the google play store.

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