How to Use and Scan Tous Anti Covid Application Qr Code?

What is Tous anti covid application QR code?

Those who are traveling from UK to France now have an easy way to make sure that their NHS vaccination certificates are recognized at various French venues. They can do this by obtaining the TousAntiCovid app of France and then scan the QR codes of their NHS vaccination certificate into the app.

This means that UK tourists can easily generate a standard France and EU digital certificate with the help of the app. They can scan their digital certificate available through the app at venues and locations that mandate producing the pass.

Various cultural and leisure venues having the capacity to hold more than 50 people all over France require people to produce a vaccination pass. Besides this, even restaurants, cafés, and long-distance travel would require people to produce their passes.

The TousAntiCovid Signal is an individual and collective protection tool which is based on the Bluetooth alert system of smart devices. The application leverages the contact tracing system and allows people to stay informed on the state of the pandemic.

How to use Tous anti covid application QR code?

Scan Tous Anti Covid Application Qr Code
  • You have to click on the link given here
  • And then click on “Generate my QR Code.”
  • Under the “I generate my QR Code” section, you can choose the Type of Establishment” and the “Accommodation capacity.”
  • Further, you can hit the “Download the QR Code button.

How to use Tousanticovid app?

All you need to do is scan the QR code at the entrance and the people will automatically know if they have been at risk of exposure to the virus in the given venue. The app complies with the CNIL requirements and hence does not compromise the privacy of the users.


How to scan TousAntiCovid QR code?

You can scan the QR code of the digital certificate at the scanning machine.

How to Tous anti covid app download?

The app download link hasn’t yet been updated on the French Consulate of London’s website; however, you can directly try this direct download link for the NHS Covid pass.


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