How to Earn Money from Sun Factory Earning app?

Sun Factory earning app is a 100% legitimate application to earn money. Without much effort the app provisions adding money to an individual account. With each reference, users can earn as much as Rs.60/-. The withdrawal charge is to be paid to them and that is 18% of the amount withdrawn. The minimum amount that can be redeemed by a user is no less than Rs.150/-.

Sun factory earning app download

How to Sun factory app download?

The Sun Factory app can be downloaded from Google Playstore for all Android devices easily. 

  • From the Google Playstore, search for the Sun Factory app from the search tab.
  • Click on the Install button to get the app installed into your system.

How to USE & EARN Money from Sun factory App?

To use the Sun factory Earning app, ensure you’re following the below process. Go to the application and first bind your bank with the app.

  • When you buy several revenue equipments from this app you can get a yearly benefit out of it.
  • Each of these equipments have a quota fixed and on leasing it you will gain an amount out of it.
  • With each of these equipments, if you’re investing an amount, you will have a daily profit margin distributed per hour to the ones who have rented it.
  • Click on the Lease option and then you can either pay through the wallet or through the balance amount you have in your account.
  • Confirm once you have added the amount.
  • So, once you have recharged and paid the amount or taken any free scheme you will get the due hourly amount in your wallet easily.
  • The amount will keep increasing with each lease that you have taken.

How to WITHDRAW MONEY from Sun factory Earning app?

  • This amount will get deposited in your account which you can withdraw once you have gathered Rs.150 or more.
  • When Rs.150 or more is accumulated, you can look for the withdrawal tab.
  • From the withdrawal tab, add the withdrawal amount and also the password you have created.
  • If you want to modify the withdrawal account you can do so by changing the account where you are supposed to obtain the money.
  • Click on the submit button to withdraw your amount. These guys are working from 09:00 am to 06:00 am every day until Friday.

You can also earn by referring a friend and simply click on referrals and create a referral code for your friend.

  • With this app, you can earn your amount quite easily.

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The Sun Factory earning app is launched not long back however, a specific launch date is not known yet.


Several people have begun earning from this app, and some of them are also leaving behind useful reviews for future users. App reviews though are not many yet you can always find them in Google Playstore.

Additionally, you can also ask questions in case of doubts you have on review sites to ensure you are clear with its functions before you begin using the app.

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