Stile App For Android/iOS [Online Learning Application]

Stile app is one of the most trending apps. It is an online science learning app. Students from all over the world like Australia, United States, Italy, New Zealand, etc are searching for this app.

It is available for android, iOS, and also for pc users. Download the stile app right now from the link given below.

stile app download

Now, learn online with your mobile devices with the best expert teachers. Install now, stile app in your mobile phone and start learning science anytime anywhere.

Students from premium countries like Australia, Italy, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, etc are Joining this app to learn best in science subjects.

Now, you don’t need books. All study material will be provided through this app. So, get your mindset ready to learn something new stuff on science topics.

This app is launched by Stile Education to provide online education related to science topics.

online learning app australia

Now, its the modern age, everyone started learning from Google and Youtube. There are a lot of apps are launching daily to provide better education from the digital medium.

Stile App is also one of those apps which provides the best features and learning experience to the students.

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How to Sign up on Stile App?

The Stile app enables better alignment of your science subject topics and is good for both teachers and students. There is a mixture of workbooks, textbooks, simulations, hands-on experiments, and videos. To sign up, you must go to your Stile app. As a student and as a teacher, sign in using your school email address and password. Your subjects will be organized in the form of your classes and lessons.

Each time you can click on the subject and choose to use it.

If you have never signed up to Stile, you can sign up in the following way.

Step 1: Use the 6-digit code your teacher assigns you.


Step 2: When the browser goes to the next screen, you will be asked to fill up your school email address. Add your first name and last name.

stile app

Step 3: Add the password and also reconfirm it by adding it again.

how to use stile app

Press the Sign up tab to confirm creation of the account. Once your account is activated and that happens after you have clicked on the confirmation link from your mail.

Now, add any number of subjects and align them to your classes’ curriculum.

How to use Stile app?

Stile is for both teachers and students. If you want to use the Stile app, you must know the know-how from here.

  1. Using Stile for a lot of subjects is as much possible as much as it is for a single subject.
  2. As soon as you login with a class code, you will straight go to your subjects.
  3. If you use a login option, you will be taken first to your Homepage.
  4. From your homepage which has your school, subject, and classes, you can choose your subject.
  5. Your lessons will be in Folders with dark grey headers tabs.
  6. You can complete the lesson and later save your work right there.

How to download & Install

  • Click on Download Button given below
  • You will be redirected to download page
  • Click on the Install button and wait for few minutes to let the app install.
  • After complete installation, access the app from your phone’s app list.

Online Learning Stile App

You will get an education related to the science field including textbooks, workbooks, Simulations, and also videos of experiments. Isn’t it great?

So, what are you waiting for? Just go to above Stile education app download link and install this app right now.

Students from all over the world can log in to this app and start learning. Join an online class with expert teachers and learn something great.

Subscription Plan Details

Stile app subscription plan is priced at $29.50.

Stile Reviews

Teachers and students have unanimously reviewed the app and they have found it better in many ways.

Here are the review scores for the Stile app as per the Stile app website, Apple, and other stores.

stile app review


If you want to know quickly about the Stile education app, you can know more from here. Read it to know the sign-in process and also a bit about how it works and also its price structure.

You can subscribe for a class or per student and it does not charge you a setup fee for it.

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