How to make a Spacehey layout? Edit or Change Spacehey layout

How to make a Spacehey layout?

Spacehey allows HTML tweaks, and one must leave out the essential segments tweaking only to change the font or theme and header or footer images as a whole.

  1. Copy your favorite fonts, footer and header images and a suitable theme for your space.
  2. Add the HTML codes in the different sections of your profile.
  3. Once you add or change colors, fonts and themes, your site’s appearance will change remarkably.

How to edit Spacehey Layout?

Spacehey Layout

To edit a Spacehey layout, you will have to follow the below steps.

  1. Login to your account and then visit the Edit your profile option.
  2. Once you are in the required section, you have to start pasting HTML/CSS tags on all your desired profile layouts.
  3. Change the size, shape and font of your space simply by searching your favorite font or size from the given space.
  4. Next, change the color, footer and header images appropriately.
  5. Even your H1 to H5 sizes and your paragraph size can be fixed by editing the font size in the HTML code.
  6. Additionally, you can also change the color of your space by altering the color bar.
  7. Edit the selected changes manually if there is something within that selection you don’t like.
  8. Click on the Save Profile icon to save the changes made in this segment.

How to change Spacehey layout?

By copying and pasting your desired layout style, font, theme and word sizes from Google or any other site to your Spacehey account can show you the changes. All you need to do is copy-paste your requirements in the given segments provided in your Spacehey profile.

How to use Spacehey layout generator?

You can use the Spacehey layout generator called in conjunction with Spacehey.

Type in all your requirements in this Spacehey generator, and you can, in no time, alter your Spacehey site’s appearance.

Right from altering the body style to all other changes can be easily drafted in this space and saved for effect.

Spacehey layout codes

Add the layout codes from any of your favorite Spacehey layouts generating browsers to your Spacehey profile page. You can also try some layouts from

How to change background on Spacehey?

Simply use a Spacehey generator to mention the background color and style of your choice. Once you have entered the HTML or CSS codes and save your profile, you must save it next, to see the changes.

How to change font Spacehey?

Just before the H1 to H5 header sizes, the font appears. Add and alter your preferences by copy-pasting the HTML or CSS code or by manually adding up your preferences.


If you are a fan of My Space, you will also love Spacehey in every way. Spacehey is a plain space, and you can beautify it by altering its HTML/CSS codes. Try making those changes to stand out in the crowd of performers within the site.

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