How to redeem YouTube premium Code from best buy?

A few years back, YouTube launched a better 2.0 version and everyone was happy. Yes, we are speaking of Youtube Premium. As we all know, the annoying ads on free YouTube are getting more in number. Now, you cannot even skip ads on certain videos!

youtube premium

Enter YouTube Premium-at about $100 annually, it actually gives you a pretty smooth and ad-free experience. For the record, YouTube mostly has all the good stuff, from tech to entertainment, and educational videos to name a few categories. So, this Premium deal is worth every penny!

How to do YouTube premium code redeem from best buy?

Well, to your surprise, BestBuy has a deal of a YouTube Premium pack for 3 months for $0.00. Cool, isn’t it? And, also it is worth mentioning that is it totally legal and does not have any hacks involved, or any hidden charges later. As it is a digital purchase, no delivery hassles as well!

Point to be noted, it is only for Youtube users who have never subscribed to Youtube PREMIUM before. So, if you are not new, make sure to open a new active account and proceed further.

Let’s see how can we get the code:

Step 1: Go to the official page of BestBuy and now you’re on the homepage.

Step 2: Type in “ Youtube Premium Free For 3 months” on the search bar and press Enter.

Step 3: You will find a banner that says “ YouTube Premium Package for 3 months Free

Step 4: Click on the package, check out the details, and then click on the “ Add to cart” option

Step 5: Go to the cart and then proceed to checkout, and that’s all!

You will get a confirmation mail for your purchase in a few minutes. And, this way you will get your first three months of YouTube Premium for free, without much hassle.

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How to use YouTube Premium code from best buy?

use youtube premium code

After you receive the email of the purchase, you need to wait a bit further. It usually takes 1-2 hr to send the virtual package to your email. When you receive the mail that has your purchase, open it and follow further:

Step 1: Once you open the mail, you should see a code.

Step 2: Copy the code to your clipboard, or paste it on your notepad.

Step 3: Go to your usual browser and open youtube, type in and it should open to a portal.

Step 4: Paste the copied text and enter. And there you have it!

In case you see any error, just make sure you have not subscribed to premium before. If so, sign up for a new Youtube account and repeat the process. And, that should solve the case!

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Can I pay for Youtube Premium with the best buy?

Yes, you can pay for your YouTube Premium with BestBuy after you have finished the 3 months free subscription. But, to be accurate, it is better to get your YouTube Premium Subscription done from YouTube’s official website if there’s no special offer after 3 months on best buy.

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