How to USE share play on facetime iOS 15 & How To turn ON?

SharePlay is a multi-featured device. It facilitates connecting with friends when hearing Apple Music or watching TV shows. It would work across different platforms like iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and Mac devices. 

With SharePlay, watching TV on a big screen would be possible while sharing the screen or talking over FaceTime and SharePlay. The syncing process would keep running in the background while someone is speaking through the device.

How to use share play on facetime iOS 15?

To use SharePlay, ensure these steps are done.

How to use share play on facetime iOS 15
  • Everyone willing to use SharePlay must have iOS 15 in their system.
  • Begin a FaceTime call with those you wish to use SharePlay.
  • Once the call begins, minimize your FaceTime call and choose the content you want to play.
  • Choose the SharePlay option, which will automatically play the content for everyone in the FaceTime group call.

How to turn ON shareplay iOS 15?

SharePlay is just released after the iOS 15 test release. It was removed to fix some bugs, and Apple has now put it back. 

  • SharePlay has been automatically re-enabled on iOS 15. It no longer needs users to create SharePlay Developmental Profile.
  • It will automatically be there for you whenever you wish to use it.
  • With it, you can share anything, including music and movies. It means you can even share your Mac screen for your iPad and iPhone when in a call.
  • Click on the name of the contacts with whom you wish to connect.
  • Toggle on the SharePlay switch for the contacts.
  • After you have begun the call, share your content with the group with the SharePlay option in the FaceTime call.

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What is apple shareplay & How to use it?

With SharePlay in the market, Apple is now the biggest competitor for Zoom and Teleparty apps. SharePlay lets you perform all tasks you can achieve with Zoom and Teleparty like apps and still is much more than them with its different apps and different subscription fees.

With it, you can share your screen, blur backgrounds, schedule calls, and FaceTime can be used to connect to Windows and Android devices. SharePlay, however, can be used only within Apple devices. It is a whole new world that is coming up with Apple’s SharePlay in view.

Using SharePlay happens in conjunction with FaceTime. There is a brief process in place wherein, 

  • You will have to make a call using FaceTime with those you wish to share your screen. 
  • Once done, choose the content that you want to share across the group.
  • Click on the SharePlay option to start sharing the screen.

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How to SharePlay on FaceTime?

Start a FaceTime call and then share your content through SharePlay with them. SharePlay can help call, share, not just movies and music, but a lot more than that is possible with it.


SharePlay is a fantastic addition to Apple devices, and so is FaceTime. If you want to download and use it, you can do so after reading more about it here with us.

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