What is SharePlay & How does SharePlay Work? How to use it?

What is SharePlay? 

SharePlay was introduced by iOS 15 along with FaceTime. The new iOS version is a leap ahead by Apple since the introduction of SharePlay brings it in direct competition with Zoom and Teleparty like apps.

The beta version 1 did not have SharePlay though Apple promised it since it was withdrawn for covering some bug fixes. However, SharePlay has been introduced in Beta version 2 recently and is available for use by the public.

What is SharePlay and How does SharePlay Work

SharePlay introduces multiple features like listening to music and viewing movies across numerous Apple platforms like iPad, iPhone, and even Mac. While talking to your group, you can watch movies on your television too, with SharePlay.

How does SharePlay work?

It is a group app, and users can do a lot of stuff together using SharePlay. Starting from searching rooms on Zillow together to video calling, this app facilitates a lot of stuff.

All your friends need to have the apps which you wish to share on SharePlay. It is a cloud-based app that also helps with picture-in-picture window format.

How to get SharePlay on iPhone ios 15?

SharePlay has been enabled automatically on the iOS 15 version and is available to the users. Download and install your most recent iOS 15 updates on your phone or iPad. Once done, SharePlay would be found auto-configured in your device beside FaceTime.

How to turn on SharePlay iOS 15

If you wish to share your screen with your friend, toggle the SharePlay switch on to enable them to view your screen. In this way, you can listen to the same song together or watch the same movie together from two different locations but at the same time.

Complete these few steps to enable SharePlay on iPhone.

  • Choose people with whom you wish to share your screen.
  • Now toggle the tab that lets you share your activity with them.
  • Once the switch is toggled on, a video calling signal is sent to their device.
  • With a brief lag, people can turn into SharePlay to watch and sing with you.

How to use share play on facetime iOS 15?

To enable SharePlay on iPhone Facetime, iOS 15 version, use the below steps.

  • All those you wish to connect to must compulsorily have SharePlay installed through iOS 15 on their device.
  • Start a call through the use of the FaceTime feature.
  • Once you begin the call, minimize it and choose the content you wish to share with your friends.
  • By toggling the SharePlay switch, your content will automatically play for all those who join the call.

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SharePlay features

  • Multi-tasking is possible with SharePlay, that too, in a group.
  • It has in-app gaming events, live-video streams, and other such features.
  • Sharing your tablets or screen is easy with SharePlay.


Is SharePlay available on iPhone?

SharePlay is currently available on iPhone with the beta 2 version.

Why did Apple remove SharePlay?

SharePlay was removed to fix few bugs in the application and was not available in the Beta 1 version.

Why don't I have SharePlay iOS 15?

Apple did not cut a slot for SharePlay with its initial release. It is released with the beta version this fall season.


There is a lot you can do with SharePlay; read this brief when planning to try it out.

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