How to Register for SBI Pension Seva or unlock Account?

Recently SBI (The State Bank of India) has launched a new pensionseva SBI app portal which is meant to better the lives of pensioners. Through the portal, pensioners can check their accounts, and download and print pension slips, arrears, and other investment details from the site. Pensioners must submit their life certificates.

The app is meant for all those who are registered under the scheme for Pension Seva SBI and the pensionseva SBI app can be used by all those people. It is not meant for any other segment of the population and neither can a simple SBI account holder benefit in any way from the app.

SBI Pension Seva Portal App download

With it, elderly retired people need not visit the bank every day for fulfilling simple tasks.  You can retrieve Form 16-A, pension slip, profile details, life certificate status, and transaction details easily.

How to SBI Pension Seva Portal App download?

There is no provision or requirement to download the pensionseva SBI app on your phone (either iOS or Android devices). The reason behind it is that the app is a web portal and can be browsed comfortably from a web browser.

  • Use your mobile browser or your system to open
  • Alternatively, you can use the NSDL e-Gov app for accessing your NPS (National Pension Scheme) account from the comfort of your phone.
  • Only if there is any subscription under the NPS scheme only then the app will work for you.

How to register for sbi pension seva?

Registering with SBI pension Seva one-time registration online is possible if you follow certain steps mentioned below;

  • Paste the link on your browser.
  • Click on New User Registration from the Header segment.
  • Once you’re there, enter the bank account number where your pension is submitted, and you birth date.
  • Click on the Captcha code and enter the same in the box and then press the Next tab.
  • Complete the form by entering your registered email ID and branch code.
  • Select a new password and re-enter the same password to confirm it.
  • Now browse through the security questions and choose any two including their answers.
  • Click on OK to confirm.

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How to unlock SBI pension Seva account?

Users often face a hurdle whereby they are locked out of their accounts in no time after three unsuccessful password attempts. 

The best measure you can adopt to prevent getting locked out is to remember your password always as you sign in.

Do not worry if you’re locked out, you can come back after 24 hours.

Additionally, you can click on forgot password option to log in to the pensionseva SBI app. Fill in the details there and get access to the account again with a new password.


Who can access SBI Pension Seva?

Users who have a pension account can access the app & the portal.

Is SBI Pension Seva portal for SBI staff pensioners?

No, it is for everyone enrolled in the National Pension Scheme run by SBI and is not for SBI staff pensioners at all.

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