Venmo Debit card Review: Is it safe to use a debit card on venmo?

Venmo debit card REVIEW

It is a MasterCard issued to almost all those who have a verified account with Venmo. 

Once you have received the debit card, you will have to activate the card. Venmo debit card would then need to be connected to your Venmo account. Once you have completed the entire procedure, you can now use it like a regular debit card.

venmo debit card review safe or not

Users love the fact that the debit card offers cashback on every purchase made with the registered merchants of Venmo.

Overall, if you look into different aspects of the debit card namely, benefits offered by the card, reloading facilities available on the card, and its user-friendliness, people can only say good about it.

Is it safe to use a debit card on Venmo?

Venmo uses bank-grade encryption and security measures, so there is nothing that can go wrong when using a debit card with Venmo.

Is Venmo Safe 2023?

Venmo owners vouch for Venmo’s safety measures. Nothing can beat it in today’s time, as it is a P2P platform with an extra safety guarantee. 

Venmo app Security

Venmo uses an API (application programming interface) that is responsible for processing transactions between two people. It also uses encryption protocols to review and approve transactions. Venmo stores its information in servers located in extremely secure locations.

Venmo app PROS and CONS

Several pros and cons rule different P2P platforms. Some have been discussed below for you.


  • Venmo is not only a good social money transferring platform. It is also good for small and medium class businesses.
  • Venmo users can transfer money to non-Venmo users. A message will be sent via SMS or email and they can register into a Venmo account to accept the money sent to them.
  • Easy user interface and extremely user friendly.


  • The social platform displaying the account transactions publicly is not favored by all.
  • Venmo offers an international transaction facility
  • Payment cancellation is not possible once submitted with Venmo.


The Venmo app is definitely one of the safest P2P platforms. There can be very few breaches as long as the app is used judiciously. However, you have to be as careful with the app and the debit card as much as you’re with your bank accounts. Read more about it here and decide for yourself.

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