How to use PWD4u App Kerala app? (A Quick Guide)

The PWD4u app for free is launched by the Kerala government for the citizens of Kerala. Whenever they come across a pothole and get worried about it, they can intimate the authorities using the app.

Indian roads suffer from extensive damage due to extreme weather conditions and their making. People can easily inform the PWD (Public Works Department) through this app, whenever they come across any damage, be it, a pothole or a tree in the middle of the road.

You could also inform the authorities about other things, be the unclear or faded markings, problematic traffic signals, vehicles parked illegally, or heaps and piles of construction material dumped on the road.

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What is Pwd4u App?

The PWD for you Kerala app would, however, be supporting grievances on only those roads which are constructed and supported by the PWD. Within the state, PWD, supports 33000 kilometers of roads, out of which, a total of 4000 kilometers of roads have been digitized and appropriate information exists about them on the app.

Any information about the digitized roads would reach the PWD immediately. The department is also attempting to digitize the rest of the road distance.

How to PWD 4u app download for Android?

The PWD 4u Kerala app is available in Google Play Store from Monday morning and would be open to the public. Those who wish to use the app and intimate governments about damaged roads, be it, in their area or some other area can do so by using the app.

If you wish to download it, you will have to search for the app in the Play Store and then you would simply have to click on the Install button to download the app.

Please Note:- The PWD for you Kerala app is available on the Play Store on an experimental basis for the first three months. Based on feedback from the app users, necessary changes would be made to the app.

The PWD for you app also supports the uploading of photos; hence one can easily click a snap and upload it along with the information about the damage on the roads

How to USE PWD 4u app Kerala?

To use the PWD for you Kerala app, you’ll have to follow the below instructions.

– First register or login to the PWD 4u Kerala app.

– Once registered, you can find a map that will show you the roads within the state.

– Slowly, direct the app to that position where the defect lies and then focus the pointer there and begin filling in the details.

– The first detail is, adding the road’s picture. You can either upload a photo from the gallery or you can use your camera to click a picture.

– Next, describe your problem and try to detail the issue.

– Now, you have to select a ‘problem type’ and also ‘problem with’ from the dropdowns available.

PWD 4u app Download link?

Though the PWD4u Kerala app is in its experimental phase and is a pilot project for three months, past which the app would be modified and a changed version would be uploaded, yet the app is available in Google Play Store.

App Launch Date?

The PWD 4u Kerala app was launched on Monday, 07-June-2021.

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