How to Mute and Unmute on Zoom Phone call [2024-Guide]?

How to mute and unmute on zoom?

Zoom is helping connect millions all over the world during the pandemic. Without Zoom, life would have come to a halt. A relatively simple mechanism, Zoom enables connecting multiple participants from different locations of the world. 

With multiple participants joining from different locations, background noise becomes a critical issue to manage. The only solution to this problem is muting and unmuting participants as per requirements. Muting and unmuting can be self-managed as well as centrally managed by the meeting organizer.

Click the microphone button from the top row icons. When the microphone shows a cross-line, it means you are on mute.

How to mute and unmute on zoom phone call?

mute and unmute on zoom

To mute/unmute someone on a Zoom phone call, you can dial *6 from the keypad to mute and again the same combination to unmute. 

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How to mute and unmute on zoom with airpods?

There is no direct way to mute and unmute Zoom on airpods. But you can set the noise controls of your left and suitable airpods according to your needs.

  • From the settings screen, click to long-press the icon.
  • Choose noise controls and then set your requirements accordingly.

You cannot mute/unmute Zoom with airpods precisely like you’d want to, but then you can follow this process.

Open the airpod app from your device or your Click on the device list from below, and then you can tab the airpod to play the sound or mute it.

But both airpods cannot be simultaneously muted, and there is no fixed way to achieve a mute or unmute option on both airpods.

How to mute the host on Zoom as a participant?

As a participant, you cannot mute a host or co-host on Zoom. That power lies only with the host or the co-host. So, ideally, a participant cannot mute a host on Zoom.

How to mute everyone on Zoom without being the host?

If you are not the host, there is no way to mute or unmute anyone on Zoom. Simply the host or the co-host has the permission to handle all participants.

How to unmute yourself on Zoom when the host muted you permanently?

When you are muted on Zoom, you can still unmute yourself only when the host has chosen the option that allows participants to unmute themselves. 

Suppose the host has unchecked the tab that would allow participants to unmute themselves. In that case, whenever the participants try to unmute themselves, they cannot walk past the pop-up that says that they cannot unmute themselves since the host has muted them.

How to mute yourself on Zoom meeting?

For a Zoom meeting, muting and unmuting are possible by clicking on the microphone symbol at the top of the Zoom interface. 

You can simultaneously use the shortcuts as given.

  1. For Mac, try Shift + Command + A to mute or unmute.
  2. From a telephone press, the *6 key combinations for muting and unmuting.
  3. For a PC, use the Alt + A to mute or unmute.

How to mute teacher on Zoom?

If your teacher is the host on Zoom, you cannot unmute or mute them. Only the host has permission to mute or unmute other participants. So, you cannot mute your teacher on Zoom, but you can entirely mute your device without their knowledge to prevent the teacher from being notified.


In this article, we have discussed various muting possibilities that can or cannot happen with Zoom. If you want to know more about your muting capabilities on Zoom, browse this article quickly.

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