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Point Click Care Companion app is a device that helps caregivers managing living communities for senior citizen facilities and also nursing facilities capture and document every necessity appropriately. It is an online electronic health care solution that provides care for the long-term and post-acute care industry.

It includes timely delivery of services and medications and this can be facilitated through the apps use in iPhone and Android devices.

What is a matrix point of care?

What is a matrix point of care

It helps hands-on skilled nursing staffs to document the regular events more precisely while facilitating the promotion of communication between physicians, clinical staff and other providers.

POC CNA charting

POC CNA charting helps with generating point of care charting, complete integration of MDS, charting down of vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, pulse, weight, & respiration) and use of touch-enabled devices and also assist in carrying out nursing assessments deftly.

How to use point click care for nurses?

How to use point click care for nurses

With the help of Point of click care CNA POC, you would be able to care, communicate and derive insights you need alongside the most essential tools which helps you better in your job. 

Usually, point click care removes data silos and thus, helps in quicker decision making, and helps to deliver accurate information and also creating the right connections.

Generating a completely healthy view of your entire business within one platform is critical and whether it is a change in the plan around residents or in their care plan, whether it is a change in their insurance or payment models, you would always need tools that can give you a solid insight.

It will also help in collaborations when you share this insight with a particular group or organizations, and your becoming a provider of choice attains the highest priority with all these different organizations. For Pointclickcare login nursing emar use this link.

How to log in to the Pointclickcare CNA app?

Follow the below process if you want to log in to point of click care CNA app.

  1. Step

    Login to the login.pointclickcare.com through any internet browser including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

  2. Step

    In the username section, type in your organization prefix and then your username without giving any spaces.

  3. Step

    If you want your preferred organization to be remembered you might want to check the box which says remember my org.

  4. Step

    In the Password section, choose and enter your password and ensure you follow the case sensitive order of password insertion.

  5. Step

    Once you click on Go you can easily log in to the site.


The following features are considered very important for app users.

  • Compliance with the schedules incorporated is one of the features.
  • Quality maintenance is another feature.
  • Marketing is quite good and so is financial management.
  • BI and analytics
  • Care delivery management is also another very vital feature of the app.

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