How to myMetro app Pay Bills? (Check PCS Phone deals)

What is myMetro app?

This free app can replace the daily running around people have to do towards the fulfillment of their regular, ordinary activities. Paying bills, recharging plans, and so on can eat off much more time than you have spare with you.

Using this myMetro app can solve this trouble effectively putting an end to your unnecessary wastage of time.

Developed by T-mobile customers, the myMetro app is available on the designated app stores- Google Play Store and Apple appstore.

T-mobile is a German-based company that operates on GSM and LTE networks.

Originally, it was known as T-Mobil and now it is known by the name of T-mobile.

mymetro pcs app pay bills, plans for existing cusomers

How to myMetro app pay bills?

The myMetro app can be used in the following way.

– Login to your app once it is downloaded

– At the bottom of the app, there are several options available like managing your account, make a payment, and change your plan, and so on.

– If you wish to make a payment, you’ll have to click on this tab.

– Enter the account details to which you want to pay the money.

– Transact manually.

– The best part is, for those payments that are made regularly and a fixed amount from you to others can be set on an autopay mode. So, every month, for fixed amounts you can easily set autopay. Three days before the date of payment it would be deducted and transferred to the destination address.

You can either try the app or go online for making the payments.

myMetro PCS phones and plans?

My Metro PCs and plans are as follows:

– The most substantial offer is $60 per month.

– For Samsung Galaxy S9, you get $699 and provide unlimited calls, SMSes, and also 10 GB of data.

– A $40 monthly plan is available for 2 years.

– A $225 plan with monthly installments of $9 is available for 2 years.

– With LG K30, you will be charged $179 monthly. You can also switch to free unlimited plans. 

– LG Q7 is costing #329 and when switching to an unlimited plan one can get it at $99.

– LG Stylo 4 costs $239 and switching to the free unlimited plan is free.

– The current rate of $999 being used for Samsung Galaxy S10 & iPhone XS can be switched to the unlimited plan at $100 for signing up with the plan.

– Switching costs for Moto G7 are $59 from $249. 

myMetro PCS free phones with activation?

Simply dial 1-888-863-8768 for automatic phone activation, picking up your plan, and adding cool features to the phone. Start by following the prompts and auto-set it.

myMetro PCS phone deals for existing customers?

Existing customers can avail themselves of the $150 off any phone if you’re existing customers.

MetroPCs can get a $50 rebate on phones which are priced at $79  

myMetro PCS pay bill customer service number?

You can call or dial the 888-863-8768 service number for paying bills.

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