MyHumana Mobile App for Android & iOS-Document & Forms

The MyHumana app is the one-stop solution for people looking for healthcare help starting from evaluating drug prices across different pharmacies. Viewing, saving, and sending medical ID cards across platforms is easy with the app.

If you’re searching for any healthcare facility or pharmacy use the MyHumana application to spot one faster and easier. You can also avail yourself of a lot of other helpful options that are not typical of any other app other than the MyHumana app.

myhumana app

How to download myhumana app for android?

Use the Google Playstore to download the MyHumana app for your Android Playstore.

Install myhumana mobile app for iPhone

For installing the MyHumana application on your iPhone visit the Apple AppStore and tap on the Get button to install it on your device.

MyHumana app Features

The app has several premium service offerings. 

  • The Health Maintenance Organization plans are quite attractive. They come as low as zero dollars per month and are even available at higher prices.
  • The preferred provider organization plans allow you to choose a doctor according to your preferences.
  • Private fee for service plans provides access to Medicare approved doctors.
  • Special Needs Plans are mostly free plans and do not require anything much in the form of co-payments, premiums, and coinsurances.
  • MyHumana Walmart Value, and premier treatment plans come in handy mostly. Walmart plans work on a co-sharing basis and vary from $58.30 to $72.50.
  • They also have a basic treatment plan ranging from $19.70 to $45 per month. Annually the plan deducts $445.
  • Human Medigap plans offer more options which you can browse from their site or can learn about them from the customer care units.

is the myhumana app free?

Some of the MyHumana plans are free whereas others are charged in different ways. Learn more about them from their site.

MyHumana documents and forms

Once you visit the MyHumana application you can find the documents and forms. The most common forms are,

  • Referral forms
  • Start of care form for confirmation purposes
  • Claim dispute forms, electronic forms for funds transfer, and information change forms.


The app is a great way to keep you connected to different faculties of the treatment requirements. Through this article, you can get an overall view of the My Humana app.

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