Does Ikea accept apple pay at the store (Complete Details)?

Ikea, which is one of the largest home furnishing retailers in the world, now has more than 300 stores operating around the world. Ikea is famous for selling products at very low prices. It is known for well-designed furniture nowadays at affordable prices. 

Now Ikea has started accepting Apple Pay as a payment method. Apple Pay is a contactless payment method that helps users make transactions smoothly and quickly. 

Big giants and Stores widely accept Apple pay. This article will discuss how you can make payments with apple pay on Ikea and provide a little bit more clarity about apple pay. 

Does Ikea take Apple Pay in stores? 

Ikea accept apple pay at store

The simple answer to this question is Yes, Ikea does accept Apple pay in their stores. The reason behind the acceptance of Apple pay by Ikea is the simplest form of transaction by Apple pay. Any user can make the transaction by Apple pay within seconds. Ikea accepts Apple pay due to its large user base and reliability in making the payment. 

How to use Ikea at Apple pay? 

To make the payment through apple pay at Ikea, your credit or debit card should be linked to apple pay. So first of all, you have to link your debit or credit card to Apple pay then you will be eligible to make contactless transactions through Apple pay. Now let’s see how you can make the payment by Apple pay to Ikea if your card is directly linked with Apple pay. 

First, you must inform the cashier that you will make the transactions through Apple pay. Once the cashier knows that you will make the transaction through apple pay, double-tap on the side button of your iPhone. It will ask you for authentication, and you must verify yourself by Touch or Face ID.  

If there is a touch ID, you need to swipe up with your finger to unlock it and verify it with your finger.  

During the transaction, you should put your Apple device near the NFC reader so that your device can easily connect with NFC and the transaction can be successful. 

Once the transaction has been done, you will receive a green check mark or done. You will also receive a confirmation that the transaction has been made successfully. 

Ikea Apple pay limit : 

Not only Apple pay, but there are lots of payment-making apps worldwide, and they also have limitations on the amount per transaction. It means you can only simultaneously make a transaction of a particular amount. It can be limited to the number of transactions per week or amount of transactions per day. It depends on what app they prefer. 

The same thing also applies to Apple pay. Apple pay also has some limitations in making transactions each time. It is generally seen that the limit of almost every payment-making app is $30 at a time. But in the case of Ikea, it allows users to cross the limit for transactions. It means that you can pay more than $30 a time with Apple Pay when you make a payment to Ikea. 

Ikea Payment methods: 

There are lots of payment methods that Ikea usually accepts. We will discuss it in detail so you can better clarify it.

Ikea usually accepts payment in two forms: online orders or in-store purchases. In online transactions, you must make the payment using an online method.

On the other hand, you can have more options when you go for an in-store app. Firstly, if you talk about online orders, you can make payments through American Express, Ikea gift cards, Maestro, MasterCard,  VISA, VISA electron, and apple pay. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for In-store options, then you can have more options like android pay, American Express, Delta, google pay, Ikea gift cards, home cards, master card, maestro, cash, VISA, and VISA electron.

Ikea payment processing failed “solution.”

Usually, there is a very low chance of failing transactions when you make the payment through apple pay at any store around the world. If you still have any problem making the payment, kindly be sure whether your Debit Or Credit card is attached to your apple pay. It can be one of the major reasons for failing transactions.

If everything is going in the right way, but you still need to make payment, then consult the support team of Ikea and explain your problem. They might help you, and you will know what the actual problem is, and they will also help you to work on it as it is their responsibility to help you in case you are facing any problem in Ikea. 


Apple pay is one of the leading transaction-making platforms nowadays. You can make payments on Ikea using Apple pay. As explained above, you must go through a very simple procedure to transact with Apple. Not only Apple pay Ikea also accepts other forms of transactions online and in-store. Ikea also accepts VISA and VISA electron, master card, maestro cards, Ikea gift and home cards, google pay, and American Express. Ikea also offers the advantage of exceeding the limit to pay for Ikea. So here, you will get an edge over other apps while paying. 


Does Ikea take afterpay?

Ikea does accept after-pay. You can make transactions on Ikea using after-pay. 

Does Ikea accept cash?

Yes, Ikea accepts cash at its store. Cash is one of the simplest forms to make transactions. If you make online payments, then the cash is not applicable. 

Does Ikea Canada accept Apple pay?

No, Ikea Canada does not accept Apple pay. You have to use another payment method, as we have mentioned a lot of payment methods above. You can use some of them according to your choice.

Ikea is well known for providing furniture at affordable prices. Recently Ikea has started accepting Apple pay due to the reliability and large user base of Apple pay.

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