Lootup App: How to USE & Earn Money [2024]?

Are you in search of some fast cash?

Earning extra money is everyone’s desire. Most of us often need extra money to support our immediate needs and desires. But not all channels supporting extra income are legitimate. Thus, people who wish to earn a few bucks online quickly must know which apps can provide them with a legit way to earn a proper reward.

Here is an app that is absolutely legit and offers you a wide variety of options to earn your extra bucks. It is known as the Lootup app.

What is Lootup app?

Ideally known to be a rapidly growing platform, you can easily make good money online. You can’t be rich, but you can always have some extra money with you. You can complete their work in your free time and keep adding as much money to your account as you can.

With this app, what can you do? It is a question most people want to clarify before starting to earn from the app. Usually, a genuine app is what people try to know it is as well as when they want to earn from it.

You can earn by performing activities, and earnings can be redeemed in a variety of ways, including using Visa, Amazon, Walmart, Google Play, PayPal, and Bitcoin options.

How to USE Lootup App?

USE Lootup App

You can use the following steps to use the Lootup app:

  1. First, open the Lootup app in your browser, and then create a free Lootup account.
  2. Once you confirm your Lootup account, you will next move through a variety of activity options. Choose any that best suits your time and financial needs.
  3. Redeem your rewards in a variety of ways available to those who use the site.

How to earn Money from Lootup App?

Earning money from the Lootup app is possible in numerous ways. This Lootup app is genuine as it offers money for completing the following activities;

  • Playing and completing games
  • Finishing surveys
  • Reading different articles
  • Viewing videos and watching the ones you wish to watch.
  • Completing different offers
  • Trying out new things
  • Using different services

Every day, new offers are added to the site for people to explore. Those who want to earn more must try collecting extra points; spin your wheel every day for extra gifts; and also complete different tasks, including partnering for new offer walls.

How to Install Lootup App?

If you want to use the Lootup app, you must first go to the Google Playstore or the Apple App Store. Download the app on your mobile phone, register an account, and start using the account.

You can also install the app on your system by directly opening it in your browser.

App Features

These are the following features you will need to know if you wish to use the app:

  1. You can use this app from anywhere in the world and perform verified tasks using it.
  2. You can always target the highest payouts.
  3. Cash redemption is possible with as little as $1.
  4. Payouts are done securely when you use this app.
  5. Rewards are instant for completing offers.
  6. Support is offered 24/7 for you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Lootup App Safe & Legit?

Yes, the Lootup app is absolutely safe and legitimate. The offers are completely safe, and there is no risk in playing them.

What are Lootup App Alternatives?

These are the Lootup app alternatives you can use for yourself if you do not want to use Lootup for some reason of your own.

  • Fire Faucet
  • Idle Empire
  • Time Bucks
  • Prize Rebel
  • Poll Pay

Is Lootup gives real money?

Lootup is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) app and will reward you for completing different micro level tasks. You can actually get access to real money, and payouts can be as little as $1.

What are Lootup App Public reviews?

The app has received worldwide reviews, and the most positive reviews include;

  1. Getting payment offers for as little as $1 via PayPal and cryptocurrency
  2. Entertains low payouts
  3. They offer many earning opportunities.
  4. There are free contests that come up for great prizes.
  5. Threshold payouts are as low as $1.


Here is what you must know about the Lootup app. The reviews of the Lootup app say that it is a proper site and offers the best rewards. If you wish to find out the best rewards and the best monetary options, here is what you will need to know about the app.

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