iPhone 15 Pro Rumored to Launch in September With These New Features

Come September and you can be buying an iPhone 15 Pro!

What is the hype about the launch of the iPhone 15 Pro?

Its enriched features come around very well for people.

Fall is the apt time when iPhone 15 will make waves like nothing in the market.

In India, it is close to all the festivals starting from Ganesha to Diwali, all fall in the fall.

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A new phone to begin a new year will be on the way for many.

Before your excitement dies or before you mark the date in your calendar, you must know more about the features which are enticing many across the world right now.

Notable features to make iPhone Pro unique

If you don’t want to miss out on the features, it might be time to read about them here.

  • You will see a bigger screen notably 6.1 and 6.7 inches in size with an A17 chip. A bionic chip, A17 is manufactured using TSMC’s 3nm process.
  • Find a periscope zoom lens with your phone.
  • You will find a USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 port instead of a lightening one and that can add to your convenience.
  • Qualcomm modern chip will be available with the phone.
  • Your phone will have a titanium cover instead of a stainless steel one.
  • Around the iPhone display, you will find curved bezels which would be ultra-thin and will be similar to the Apple watch models.
  • You will be able to use WiFi 6E for a higher speed and faster operations.
  • Don’t you want to hear that they have increased the RAM to 8 GB for iPhone 15?
  • Instead of the silent/ring switch, your customized button will be the action button this time.
  • You can enjoy an optical zoom that will help you with a periscope telephoto lens. The device will act with 5x, 6x optical zoom instead of a 3x iPhone 14 Pro model.
  • The model will come with an ultra-wideband chip which will integrate it better with the iPhone 15 headset. With the help of the chip, you could either experience improved performance or go for decreased power consumption. It gives you a location-based function like the Airdrop feature, and also the precision finding option when using the find my app option.
  • LiDAR scanner options are present with the iPhone 15 and are supplied by Sony. It could enhance 3D depth scanning performance and is available for AR apps and also can use the night mode.
  • iPhone 15 will provide a new dark red color option as per 9to5Mac.
  • It will bring Dynamic Island to the non-pro phones this year and you can have a 48MP camera with it.
  • However, it is predicted that eSIM alignment is possible only in France. In the US last year, Apple removed the physical SIM card tray option.

All you need to know before you can go for the iPhone 15 Pro this September 2023.

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