How to Use Free Guitar Tuning App [2024] to Tune A Guitar?

What is a guitar tuning app?

Guitar tuners have a huge lot of functionality. The apps sometimes have +100 tunings for almost 15 instruments at times.

They are fast, and completely accurate. Mainly guitar tuning apps measure the frequency of the sound coming from an electric or acoustic guitar.

There are ideally two types of tuners- pedal tuners and clip-on tuners.

The guitar tuning apps operate in different modes. The most common tuning mode is a chromatic mode. In it, the tuner will display the pitch on a 12-note chromatic scale. Tuners can be used to match the EADGBE standard tuning of a guitar either open or alternate tunings.

Standard, Drop A, Drop D, half step-down, and a lot many different provisions can be done.

It provides a metronome with a tempo and time signature.

Pluck a string and use them for a clean, and intuitive experience. They come with ear training, and chord guides, and also bring you games and exercises.

How to use a guitar tuning app?

This is how the guitar tuning apps work.

  • Simply pluck a string.
  • The guitar tuning app will detect the tune and the sound through your device’s microphone.
  • Instant visual feedback would be given to you when you’re trying to tune in to your app.
  • You would require no cable support.
  • You would instantly gain tuning results using the apps.
  • Most of them use noise cancellation technology which will eliminate the background noises when you’re trying to tune in.

If you are an android user you can visit this link to get the app.

iOS users can get the app easily from the Apple App Store.

How do guitar tuning apps work?

The app would simply measure the tuner frequency. It would match the tuner frequency to a certain pitch. In short, the audio wave frequency would be matched to a certain pitch level. Then it would match that particular frequency to the known frequencies of pitches in tunings that are equally tempered.

APP Features

These features should be matched in particular.

  • Auto pitch detection facility should be enabled in the app.
  • Special tuning modes must be available.
  • Display meters in a tuning app should be legible.
  • If possible the tuner apps with metronomes should be preferred over others.
  • Microphone and speaker sensitivity should be optimum with the apps.


What is the best guitar tuning app?

Guitar Tuna is one of the best in the market.

Are guitar tuner apps accurate?

Yes, they are calibrated to 100% accuracy and there can be a deviation of only 0.001% with them.

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