How to Use Golden Shell App on Android & iOS/iPhone?

what is golden shell app?

During CoVID-19 many people in Brazil lost their jobs and home. Life became difficult and it was just then that micro-task apps started coming out to the market. The app is good for those who have a little free time and have the facility to avail internet.

This app offers monetary allowances, anything from $30 to $1000 per month, through the app. It also offers an option to look for jobs from home by using the portal. The minimum one can withdraw from the app is $10 and that is a great benefit since most often people have to wait for withdrawals until and unless they reach a certain whopping amount in the market.

Sharing content on Facebook is one way people can earn from the app. For each task completed one earns a credit which is later transferred to their accounts.

How to use Golden shell app?

To navigate through the app, one has to follow the below steps.

  • Go to the app and log in to it.
  • Once you have logged in successfully, you can choose from the tasks offered on your board.
  • These tasks can be completed one by one and then the money you earn from it will be deposited in your account.
  • You can also get to your job searching portal and can browse, apply and track the jobs using the portal.
  • The apk file can be downloaded by clicking on the download link from the third-party appstore for the app.
  • Next, the downloaded link needs to be run and installed in the system.
  • For this, go to your Menu>Settings>Security>check on the checkbox which reads download apps from unknown sources.

App Features

These are some of the app features:

  • The app is reliable and easy to use.
  • The app can generate amounts easily.
  • The app can be used to draw amounts as little as $10.
  • For obtaining VIP tracks people have to pay to the app.

How to golden shell app download on android?

Golden Shell App Download

If you’re in Brazil, you can download the app on your device from the Google Playstore. But if you’re a Brazilian outside Brazil, you can download the app apk file from any of the third-party appstore.

How to Install golden shell app on iOS/iPhone?

The app is primarily built for Android users. However, some apk files for iOS are available in Brazil. Here you will simply need to download the apk file. Once done, you will have to trust the app from the General Settings of the app. Further, you can then run the app on your iOS device to install it.

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