How to Get Medals in Call of Duty [COD] Mobile Season 10 [2024]?

How to get medals in COD mobile?

There are a lot of medals available in call of duty mobile season 10 by which a player can show off their skills and abilities in the game instead of just taking the screenshot of the milestone that they achieve.

In season 10, these medals are distributed among three main modes – Multiplayer mode, Battle royale and Zombies mode. Moreover, the requirements to earn each of the medals are different for different types of medals.

So, you have to follow certain criteria and accomplish a task in order to achieve a medal in cod mobile such as you can only get a crackdown medal in the list of “scorestreak medals”, when you kill an enemy with a Sentry gun.

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How to get relentless medal in cod mobile?

Call of Duty Mobile

Relentless medal is a reward which is given to the player who acquires a specific number of killstreaks in the cod season 10. Therefore, you need to get 20 consecutive kills without getting killed.

According to the criteria, to achieve a relentless medal, it can be challenging for players to attain this position in the game, however one can achieve it after carefully handling some tough fights.

How to get a brutal medal in cod mobile?

Brutal medal belongs to the category of killstreak medal in the multiplayer mode. So, always choose to play in multiplayer mode with a squad. This honour is given to the player who kills 25 enemies in one go without dying.

One with smart play and team work can get this medal easily as you team mates can help you with your aim by providing cover in unfavorable situations and reduce the risk of your death due to unnecessary fights.

How to get a survivor medal in cod mobile?

To obtain a Survivor medal, you have to kill someone who has the highest score. Moreover, this can be only achieved in the multiplayer mode, so you have to complete the task in a multiplayer match.

 This can be easily achieved by targeting the enemy who already has the low health point.

How to get a backstabber medal in cod mobile?

This one is also a multiplayer medal and as the name suggests, you have to kill an enemy from behind with an equipped melee weapon.

So, all you need to do is to stab a foe at the back of the enemy with the melee weapon equipped.

How to earn a long shot medal in cod mobile?

Long shot reward is given to a player with records of long distance kills. So, it is a simple task, you just have to snipe an enemy from a long distance in order to earn a long shot medal. You can use a sniper to grant you a long shot medal.

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