How to Get an App Back on Your Home Screen iPhone iOS?

Organizing your new iPhone apps comes easy with the newly introduced app back on your Home Screen iPhone 12 in iOS 14 models. To find it one has to swipe to the very end of the rightmost page of your app’s home screen. The app back allows users to neatly stack their apps in folders, arranged properly requiring minimal effort in searching the app out of the many on your phone.

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The folders would be named according to the category of apps you have and all you have to know is the category of each of your apps.

Don’t search the wrong folders to find your apps though. Each of your apps will be in the appropriate folders so click on the folder and find your apps easily. 

Like, search for Instagram and Twitter in your Social folder and not in your utilities or creativity.

Utilities might contain Amazon, Flip kart, eBay, and your electricity and all bill payments apps if you have any.

The cliché is, you can neither rename the folders according to your choices and nor can you decide on how the apps get arranged in it. You have separate sections like suggestions, recently added section, creativity, utilities, social and many other such sections. 

Your apps would be automatically sorted in the app library into different categories. 

How to get an app back on your Home Screen iPhone 12?

To get an app back on your Home Screen iPhone 12, you can move to the app library.

Step 1- Click the Search field and then enter the app you are looking at.

Step 2- Now Touch and Hold the app icon until these options appears

  • Delete App
  • Add To Home Screen
  • Copy Last Result

Tap on “Add to Home Screen” to add the app on your iPhone screen. Next, you can drag the app to any new position by just holding the app icon and dragging it to a different position.

Click on delete app option, if you have to delete any app from the box.

For iPhone iOS 14 Users

The process of adding the app back on your home screen iPhone iOS 14 is same as iOS 12, there is no difference in the way you can add apps to the app back on your home screen.

How to Put an app on Home Screen iPhone?

If you’re wondering how to get the removed app from home screen then there are three simple steps to add apps to your home screen.

  • You have to swipe to your left to your app library.
  • Search for the app of your choice.
  • Touch and long hold the cursor on your app icon and then click to remove the app.
  • Click move to add it to the App library Home screen.

With these easy steps you can comfortably add the apps to your home screen.

How do I get my app icon back on my home screen?

If you have accidentally removed app from home screen iPhone simply click on the app icon in your app back and then long-press it to instruct the app to move back to the home screen.

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