How to use Afterpay? (Complete Tutorial 2024)

Afterward is a top-rated payment-making app. It is based on a unique mechanism on which most payments making do not. 

Afterpay has upgraded its terms and conditions, which are far better than other transaction-making apps. After pay, you can set your spending limits and be limited to that particular limitation only. 

It is advised to attach your debit card with afterpay instead of your credit card, as it will help save the money you spend on temporary things. It is a great technique to save money.

It has an advanced feature where you can set reminders for late fees or payments so that no extra charges would apply to your transactions.

What is Afterpay? 

Afterpay, and how it works?

Afterpay is an app that is used to make transactions worldwide. It is based on a special mechanism which is “Buy now, Pay later .”With the help of such a system, you can receive your products at your home or device and pay the price later in fortnightly installments.

Due to this policy, it has become one of the leading transaction-making apps in the world. It was founded in Australia in 2015. If you think it only deals in payment, then you could be wrong as it has other sector branches.  

Afterpay also deals in clothes, make-up, pharmaceuticals, and flight. It can be shocking for those who are new at Afterpay. Because this fact is known, Afterpay has its branches. 

Afterpay has gained wide coverage, especially in New Zealand and Australia. It is famous among the younger generations. 

Since 2015 it has shown us rapid growth in its users. As you can see, almost 9% of the Australian population used Afterpay to make transactions in 2019. And it is a huge number.

The management further decided to expand its business in the UK and US. A year ago, the number of Afterpay users was around 4 million, but today it has crossed 9 million active users worldwide, which is a great achievement by Afterpay.

Currently, more than 10,000 individual shops in New Zealand and Australia have access to receive payment through Afterpay, which includes Target office, Kmart, Big W, Office work, etc.

But after some time, retailers groups like CHOICE responded that “Buy now, Pay later” can be a financial risk for its users.

But nothing happened. However, the sale of Afterpay has increased tremendously, which is good and celebrating news for Afterpay.

How does Afterpay work? 

It is an interesting question more than it seems to be. That question must be raised in everyone’s mind for once, at least. We will thoroughly discuss how Afterpay works. Let’s see:

Afterpay is a platform that acts as an intermediate platform between customers and the retailer or storekeeper. It is a great mechanism that works so that both parties stay satisfied with each other. 

Afterpay pays directly to the retailer, and then customers pay back to Afterpay.

When you finally purchase the product. Here it would be best if you committed to making four fortnightly payments within eight weeks of purchasing the product.

The special thing about Afterpay is that payment that you will make to After Pay is equal to each other, and you don’t need to pay any interest for paying to Afterpay in installments. 

However, Afterpay does not charge any interest; it only charges a particular fee from the merchants who allow Afterpay at their stores. 

But yes, Afterpay could charge some late fee if you don’t pay Afterpay on time. It is quite positive news that Afterpay does not allow any loan or credit facility. 

It means that users can not take loans from Afterpay. In such a way, Afterpay stays away from any loss, and Buyers would also buy according to their purchasing power. 

Once there was an ASIC study on BNPL schemes, it was reported that 1 person out of six people faced difficulties in making the payment on time. They are charged late fees if the user fails to pay on time.

You must think that if Afterpay allows its user’s free services, how does it earn? It is a common question that must be raised in everyone’s mind. 

The revenue model of Afterpay is really interesting. Afterpay does not charge money from its users because its revenue comes from 43000 merchants that have collaborated with Afterpay. 

You will be surprised that it charges $0.30 from its merchants and a 3% to 7% commission on every sale. 

And, of course, these charges are higher than any other payment-making App or Bank. The merchants tied up with Afterpay, thinking it would increase their sales. 

It was seen that Afterpay made more than $179.6 million in fees from its merchants in Dec 2019, where they get $32.6 million in additional fees, which is a good number to grow further in the future.

How to use Afterpay on Expedia? 

It will be a memorable moment for Afterpay as it is the first time announced by Afterpay that you can book up to $2000 flights and hotels using Afterpay.

Senior Vice president of Media and Brand Partnerships Christian Gerron of Expedia said, “Expedia Group is proud to become Afterpay’s first major U.S. travel partner.” 

Further, he said, “This highlights our ongoing growth in developing cutting-edge traveller technologies that provide our partners with new ways to deliver great experiences to their customers, which, in turn, drive customer loyalty.”

Now you must think about how you will pay at Expedia with Afterpay. As Expedia has announced, it is to receive Afterpay, but it may take some time, so the user interface still needs to be decided.

You don’t need to worry about making payments on Expedia by Afterpay, as it is as simple as you do on other Apps. 

Afterpay indeed has more than 43000 merchants, and the interface to make payments is too easy and almost the same on all the apps.

How to use an Afterpay card Online? 

Using an Afterpay card is easy. You can follow some steps to use an Afterpay Card online. These steps are 

Step 1:  Go and choose a product from the Afterpay Supporting store. 

Step 2: To make transactions, go for Afterpay.

Step 3: If you are not a new user, log in to your Afterpay account and finish the Check-out process. But if you are a new user, go on the official website of Afterpay and create your account to check out.

Step 4: After checking out, scan the QR code directly and make the payment. The retailer will deliver the product to the place recommended by you.

This is how you can make payments using an Afterpay card online.

How to use After Cards offline? 

Using an After card offline to make transactions means you visited a particular store and paid offline. Now let’s see how you can do that: 

Step 1: Select the product you want to pay for with Apple Pay.

Step 2: Open your Afterpay app. If you don’t have afterpay, then download it from Playstore. 

Step 3: Sign in to your Afterpay account; if you don’t have that, create one.

Step 4: Tap on the “Card” tab and go after the cause to create an Afterpay Card.

Step 5: Add it to your online or digital wallet.

Step 6: Visit the supporting store of Afterpay and get access to run Afterpay cards in applications like Apple or Google pay and then make the transactions.


Afterpay is one of the most popular Apps for making transactions. It works on a special mechanism of “Buy now, Pay letter.” 

Where afterpay makes the payment to the store or retail on its own, and then you have to make the same amount of money to AfterPay without any interest, which is a great deal. 

Afterpay has more than 43000 merchants worldwide. Afterpay charges $0.30 and 3% to 4% commission on every sale directly from the merchants. You can also pay through Apple Pay card online and offline, just by following the procedure above.

Can you use an Afterpay card anywhere you want? 

The answer to this question may be yes or no. You can use Afterpay at most of the merchants of AfterPay only, but many stores do not accept Afterpay cards.

Where to find Afterpay card CVV?

You can find the CVV of the After card on the back side of your credit card

Can you pay bills with an Afterpay card?

Yes, you can pay all kinds of bills with Afterpay.

Does Afterpay have a virtual card?

Yes, Afterpay has its virtual card. You can also use it to check out at the stores and make the payment.

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