How to Get Free Unlimited Hourglasses in Mystic Messenger [2024]

How can you get hourglasses in mystic messenger?

Hourglass is a pretty important feature and they are often required for unlocking different levels of the game like the Deep Route and other such content. Hourglasses help replay previously missed chat room events, text messages, or calls.

Free Hourglasses can often be pretty hard to get yet there are different ways in which you can collect hourglasses.

  • If you collect hearts, you can try getting hourglasses through it.
  • Every guest you invite can bring an hourglass to you
  • If you pick up pleasant conversations with the five characters of the game, you can win hourglasses easily.

How can you get unlimited hourglasses in mystic messenger?

get hourglasses in mystic messenger

To get unlimited free hourglasses you can use a hack tool. Mostly with the use of hack tools people would be able to generate an unlimited number of hourglasses.

Hourglass in mystic messenger is the main game currency in use for scoring and performing various activities in the game.

Some hack tools are very simple to use and only requires; 

  • incorporating the Mystic Messenger username, 
  • and the platform you use. 
  • Press the Generate button and it takes up to 2 minutes to generate your hourglasses.
  • The tools often work 24/7.

You will also be able to generate as many hearts and free hourglasses as you need by using this tool.

How to get 80 hourglasses in mystic messenger?

Getting 80 free hourglasses can be tough at one point and if you are sure you don’t want to use a hack tool, then you can follow a few given processes to collect hourglasses.

  • You can purchase them.
  • If you are buying 100 hearts they would convert to give you one free hourglass. So you can try to collect hearts as well.
  • Gathering party guests is a good way since each guest is prized at one hourglass.
  • The DLC works well when you intend to collect more hourglasses and hearts. Whenever you have maximum speed just load in your DLC across all chats so that you can collect a maximum number of hourglasses at a go.
  • If you log in for a character’s birthday, there is a high chance you will collect the free hourglass meant for everybody. Finally, if you want to collect hourglasses, you can also repeat the prologue of the story repetitively to generate the free hourglasses.

How to farm hourglasses by using mystic messenger prologue?

To farm hourglasses in Mystic messenger prologue, you will need to read the prologue as fast as you can. If the prologue is read very fast, there is a chance a person can collect up to 4 free hourglasses from it, but then it’s very difficult to even collect two at times.

So if you can be patient you can try farming by using more than two devices at times. These devices will increase your chances of getting more hourglasses.

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