How to find service number in TNEB (Complete Guide 2024)?

Do you know that Tamil Nadu Electricity bill is one of the notable electricity brands in the state? TNEB supplies electricity to millions of homes and offers reliable services. Therefore, TNEB assigns a particular ID number to every customer containing their information. So, every customer must know their TNEB customer number to track their electricity bills online.

We will provide detailed information on how you can find TNEB service and consumer numbers. But first, let’s understand how you can find the service number in TNEB. 

How to find the service number in TNEB?

find the service number in TNEB

Tamil Nadu Electricity grants everyone an Identification number. It consists of previous electricity bill information, receipt details, and current processing bill. Additionally, the service number helps people to check other vital information online. So, you must find your service number to access more details and avail of other benefits.

It is a four-digit code that users can find on their previous TNEB bills. Check the white meter card because your service code is written on it. Also, consumers can go to their nearby electricity board office for their service number. However, you must provide your address and ID proof to the officials.

Consumers can dial ‘1912’ on their phones and connect with customer care associates to know their TNEB service number. Now, let’s learn how to check consumer numbers in TNEB online.

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How to know/check consumer numbers in TNEB online?

The format of the consumer number comprises a two-digit region code, a three-digit section code, a three-digit distribution code, and a four-digit service number. So, the total digit of your consumer number is twelve.

Here are some methods that allow you to check your consumer number in TNEB online:

  • Navigate the TNEB organization’s website on any web browser.
  • The website shows you ways to find your consumer number. 
  • Follow the instructions to get your consumer number. 

The consumer number is available on electrical receipts. Also, customers paying the bill online will get their consumer number on E-receipt. The website also advises finding your consumer number on a TANGEDCO white meter card.

Let’s understand how you can find TNEB consumer numbers using service numbers.

How to find TNEB consumer numbers using service numbers?

Your consumer number’s last four digits are the TNEB service number. They are unique for everyone. You can find your service number by login to the TNEB online portal and entering your consumer number. Look at the last four digits of your consumer number because it is your TNEB service number.

Here are the methods to find consumer numbers:

Method 1: Consumers should check their electricity board meter. All the meters have your consumer name printed on them in white paint. The last four digits are your service number.

Method 2: Visit your nearby electricity board office to learn your service and consumer number. Carry your Identity Card, i.e., Aadhar Card, Address Proof, and other essential documents. 

Method 3: The easiest way to find your consumer number is by checking your previous TNEB bills. They contain all information, especially the consumer code at the top. In addition, E-bill also has your consumer and service number.

Let’s learn how to find your section and distribution number in TNEB.

How can I find my section and distribution number in TNEB?

Check your consumer’s number first from any of the above methods. This twelve-digit code comprises your service number, distribution code & region code, and section code. 

Your consumer number format looks like ’03-034-004-4444.’

The second and third sections of the consumer number, i.e., 034 & 004, are your section and distribution number in the above example. At the same time, the first and last sections are your region code and service number.

Similarly, you can find your TNEB’s section and distribution numbers. So, contact TNEB customer service authorities to get your consumer number first. 


TNEB enables consumers to register online. Also, online portals allow you to find everything, such as service number, consumer number, distribution code, and section code. Another best thing about TNEB is its customer service facilities. They provide comprehensive support to consumers 24×7. 

We provided information that can help you check your TNEB consumer number. So, follow any of these methods and access your consumer number. 

What is the service number in the Tamil Nadu electricity bill?

Tamil Nadu Electricity Bill offers customers 24×7 customer support on their helpline number ‘1912.’ You can also WhatsApp customer care regarding your queries to ‘9445850811.’

How many digits are in the TNEB consumer number?

There are a total of twelve digits in the TNEB consumer number. The first is region code, followed by section, distribution, and service codes. You can check your consumer number on previous electricity bills. 

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