Edward Jones App 2024 How to USE & Install [Reviews]

Edward Jones provides investment related services to individuals as well as small businesses. Started in 1922, Edward Jones currently has seven million investors. It is the largest retail store in the United States and also has several clients in Canada. They work as a brokerage firm and offer several kinds of planning options like estate, retirement, financial, life insurance, care planning for a long term basis, annuities, and also the other 529 plans altogether.

Edward Jones app

What is Edward Jones app?

The Edward Jones app helps you remain connected to your financial advisor, to the market, and also to your Edward Jones account. Having online access to your account is necessary, and it is possible by visiting https://www.edwardjones.com/access.

How much does it cost to start Edward Jones?

You will need to start with a $5,000 investment. You can build it in through rebalancing and try mutual funds and exchange traded funds.

How to use Edward Jones app?

edward jones app

A brokerage account with Edward Jones can be accessed through the app. Here is how to use the Edward Jones app;

After you create an account with them, you will be able to transfer money, check for deposits, research and market different news, find document options, and choose a way to set everything up.

  • Visit your account and find out more about your documents, tax forms, account verification, and trade confirmations and prospectuses.
  • Transferring money becomes easier.
  • Report a stolen or lost card.
  • You can order checks through the Edward Jones app.

How to install Edward Jones app on android & iOS?

To install the app, You can find the Edward Jones app in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

For Android

If you want to download it for your Android device, you will need to install it from the Google Play Store by clicking on the Install tab.

For iOS

To use the app in your iOS device, you need to open the apple app store on your device and then search the app name. After that, tap on get button to install this app.

App Features

Several essential app features of Edward Jones include;

  1. The app will allow you to access the most recent market updates.
  2. They also bring a daily market commentary to individuals and groups.
  3. You can receive a market quote for stocks and the mutual fund.
  4. Personalized emails and tax alerts can be set up with an Edward Jones account.
  5. You can do fund transfers and deposit checks quickly.
  6. Sending messages and sensitive documents to your financial advisor is possible with the help of the app, and everything is completely secure.

Is the Edward Jones app free

No, the app is not free to use but is free to download. The fee for the program is 1.35%, whereas the portfolio strategy fee is 0.19%. They have a tiered arrangement, which means if you invest more, you will have a lower fee structure.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is Edward Jones owned by?

Penny Pennington is the current CEO of the Edward Jones company.

Is Edward Jones a bank account?

You can have a brokerage account with Edward Jones, which basically works as a financial service firm.

Are Edward Jones fees high?

Edward Jones charges are high compared to those of robo advisors and the online-only discount brokerage firms.

Can you make money with Edward Jones?

When you partner with clients and help them achieve their financial goals, you start earning commissions. You are absolutely in control of your compensation.

Can I withdraw money from my Edward Jones account?

You can withdraw money from Edward Jones using two types of services: Hardship withdrawals and non hardship withdrawals. Those going for non hardship withdrawals need to have an urgent and pressing need for money.


If you want to take up Edward Jones app and account, you must find out more about it. This article highlights and works around a few things. Since the first day of May 2019, they have even planned to waive the termination fee during the termination of an account. Liquidation of the Edward Jones account might just take one business day. Also, know that there are no tax penalties when you plan to withdraw investments.

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