How to use Dynamic island App (Complete Guide 2024)?

Mobile users always wish to have updated and new features coming in on their devices. One such feature that has arrived on the mobile device- is Dynamic Island. People are unaware of this new feature; hence, this article will let you know about its feature, usage, and ways to download this application. 

What is a dynamic island app? 

With the launch of recent iPhone models, Jawomo’s dynamic spot has launched their app Dynamic Island, widely available on AppStore. Dynamic Island enhances your experience with notifications. It got positive reviews from critics and users. Therefore, the app is now available on Android Operating Systems, allowing Android users to customize the notification settings. 

Dynamic Island app works in beta version in the PlayStore and AppStore. It allows customizations and enhancements regarding how your notifications appear on the screen. You can now change the size, position, and breadth and do much more with notifications using the Dynamic Island app. 

The notch becomes a hurdle and makes notifications look cluttered. However, the Dynamic Island app resolves this issue and makes statements look pleasant. It even ensures you watch two different notifications at the same time precisely. In addition, the animations that occur are accurate and fit perfectly with the notch. 

How to use the dynamic island app?

The app will emerge on the screen at the notification bar in a pill shape. It frequently changes its appearance and size according to the notifications you receive. The pill-shaped bar accommodates the notifications in itself. It adjusts itself well with the camera on the screen.

Here’s a piece of detailed information on how you can use the Dynamic Island app:

  • Download the Dynamic Island app from PlayStore and AppStore. 
  • Once you open the installed app, the app will ask you to grant specific permissions. 
  • Tap on ‘Feature is off, and it will automatically turn into ‘Feature is on.’ 
  • You can also preview how the app works, and notifications will pop up; just go to ‘Test Animation.’ 
  • For more customizable features, adjust the bar that says, ‘Dot Size’ and ‘Dot From Top.’ Manage both of them according to your liking. 
  • You can even customize the headset name in the app. 

So, in these simple steps, you can use the Dynamic Island app on any operating system. Following these steps will allow your notifications to look appealing. 

How to download the dynamic island app?

download dynamic island app

Dynamic Island app will change the way your notifications pop up. The animated effects look attractive and compatible with the punch hole and notch. Using the app will help you get precise notifications. 

Steps to download Dynamic Island app on the latest iPhones:

  • The beta version of Jawomo’s dynamicSpot is available on the latest versions of the app. 
  • Please search for the AppStore and install it on your phone. 
  • Once installed, it will ask you to enable specific options and make the customizations more enhanced. 
  • Your app’s interface is ready to launch. Make it more interactive by purchasing the paid version. 

Here’s how you can download Dynamic Island app on Android:

  • Go to the Google PlayStore. 
  • Search for the Dynamic Island app. It will appear with the name ‘dynamicSpot.’ 
  • You can install the app without spending a penny. 
  • To unlock more features, you can buy the Pro version. 

You will get limited access to its features if you use the free version of the Dynamic Island app. However, if you use the pro version, whose price is $4.99, you will get more features. In addition, users will get more customizable options on this version. 


You can make notifications more attractive and resolve the notch issue with Dynamic Island app. Let’s look at some features that prove that this app is worth trying:

  • The app makes the punch hole camera more agreeable. 
  • It gives you the track information about the music you are listening to. Control pause, next, and previous functions with simple taps as your music plays in the background. 
  • The notifications look organized and subtle.
  • It allows you to operate the actions of the notifications intelligently.
  • Open the menu, which allows you to capture screenshots, control volume, and swipe through the lock screen.
  • The smartphone looks more friendly in the dynamic view. 
  • Managing notifications has become more accessible. 
  • You can even respond to the two notifications simultaneously.
  • The customizable options will allow you to adjust the bar size and shape.
  • You can click selfies, live photos, and record videos with the help of Dynamic Island.


review dynamic island app

It’s been a long since the app was posthumously launched on iOS and Android operating systems, and its reviews are out. The critics find the Dynamic Island app helpful as it makes the notifications look methodical. Even people applaud the concept and believe it makes the phone look user-friendly.

  • dynamicSpot works efficiently with popular social media apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Music apps’ functions like pause, play, and following are easy to control. It is compatible with Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Google Play. 
  • The screen looks fuller and more vibrant as the punch hole camera isn’t troublesome anymore. The viewing area is increased, and notifications don’t look crowded.
  • Dynamic Island app even makes photography and videography convenient. You can easily access the camera anytime from the bar and click super-shareable shots.
  • App’s interface is user-friendly and easy to operate. You can adjust the notification board’s height and width from Dynamic Island’s dashboard.

Even though the app is still in its beta version and is comparatively new, it solves the most problematic aspect: managing notifications through the punch hole and notch. As a result, the app will surely emerge as the most useful and highest rated in its later updates. 

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