Can you use Venmo on Steam to buy games (Complete Guide)?

Nowadays, Venmo is available for all transactions on most apps. Recently Amazon has tied up with Venmo to make transactions for the products we receive. Venmo is also available on Steam. This article will discuss using Venmo on Steam and transferring money from Venmo to Steam, as it is a very simple and systematic process. There are different games available on Venmo, and we can buy them with the help of Venmo. Let’s see how we can do that.

How to use Venmo on Steam?

Steam is a great platform for playing, talking, and creating something different from others. Steam provides all these facilities. There are more than 28000 games available on Steam; millions of users are available there to buy the premium and play the game. Now let’s come to the topic of whether you can use Venmo on Steam. 

The simple answer is. Yes, you can, but not directly. You have to use a slightly different method. You can use a Venmo debit card to buy anything on Steam, as Steam only accepts Venmo’sVenmo’s debit cards. And if you don’t have a Venmo card and want to apply for Steam, then you can apply for it, and you should have sufficient balance to buy Venmo’sVenmo’s debit card.

How to pay with Venmo on Steam?

Both Venmo and Steam together find a store to make transactions. It depends on you how to locate and search for a store that is available to sell the gifts of Steam and accept the payment through Venmo. 

And recently, Venmo has made some changes in payment methods to make contactless transactions. They have introduced QR codes like UPI, through which you can make transactions by scanning them. 

If you face some QR code problems, check whether you have updated your Venmo app. And if yes, then check whether you have granted permission to Venmo for the Camera to scan. After that, there are two methods through which you can make a payment. These methods are given below: 

The first method is straightforward. You can scan the QR code of the merchant or vendor and confirm the name or ID of the receiver. After confirmation, you can make the payment.

Secondly, if your merchant asks you for the QR code, you need to open the app’s interface and click on “Show to Pay.” Your QR code will be visible on your screen after that click. You need to show this code to your merchant. Your merchant will scan this QR code and will make you the payment.

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How to buy steam games with Venmo?

As we know, there are lots of amazing games available on Venmo. However, there needs to be more clarity among youngsters about which game we should buy. Well, all of them are interesting and awesome. You can go for anyone you want. But remember, you can buy these only with Venmo’sVenmo’s Debit Card. The game-buying process of Venmo is very simple; you need to follow some steps to buy these games. These steps are:

Step 1: Open the steam app on your PC or mobile phone(In desktop mode). You will see the interface of Steam’s home page.

Step 2: If the store page of Steam is not opening, go for the “store” option in the left corner at the top.

Step 3: When the store page gets open, go to the search bar and search for the game you want to play in the search bar.

Step 4: After that, you will see that your game will appear below the search bar. Just tap on the game and read the details there.”

Step 5: When you scroll down, you will find an option “Add to cart” you can directly buy that game from there. If you want to buy more games, you can repeat the procedure.

Step 6: Click on purchase; it’s up to you whether you buy it for use or as a gift. Make payment through a debit card, as Steam accepts only debit cards.

Step 7: It is time to enter all debit card details and continue to the next page where click on “I agree” and click on “Purchase.”

Step 8: A thank you page will be there for confirmation.

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How to transfer money from Venmo to Steam?

As we know that we can not add money from our Venmo Wallet to the steam wallet, but there is still a way through which you can transfer money from your Venmo account to the steam wallet. Let’s see: 

Step 1: Click on the steam app in desktop mode.

Step 2: In the right corner, there must be down arrows. Tap on it, go into the menu, and tap “View my wallet.”

Step 3: Select the amount you wish to transfer and click on “Add Funds” fill in the debit card details, then click on “Continue”

Step 4: Click on “I agree” then “purchase. 

Step 5: You will get a thank you page as a confirmation


Venmo is gaining popularity daily due to its advancement of an easy-to-use interface. There are a lot of platforms that accept Venmo’sVenmo’s payment method. Amazon has recently announced receiving Venmo as a payment method. Steam also accepts Venmo’sVenmo’s debit card for selling and buying some games, and we can use Venmo on Steam easily. Some steps we have mentioned above are so that you can transfer funds directly to your steam wallet and buy the game from Steam.


What payment method should I use on Steam?

Steam accepts Venmo’s debit cards only to transfer money to steam’s wallet. So, it is ideal to use Steam’s debit card.

Can I transfer money to Steam from Venmo?

Yes, you can easily transfer money from Venmo to Steam, but you have to transfer it through Venmo’sVenmo’s Wallet, and this can only be done with Venmo’sVenmo’s debit card. You can not make direct transactions.

Does Steam take Venmo?

Yes, Steam takes Venmo. You buy a gift or entertaining games on Steam with Venmo’sVenmo’s debit card directly anytime you wish.

Can you buy steam games with Venmo?

Yes, you can get any steam game according to your wish and desire. Most Venmo is amazing and creative but is too much entertaining for youngsters.

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