Does Menards take Apple Pay (A Quick Guide)?

Menards is a franchise that deals in showrooms. It has more than 280 showrooms in more than 14 regions in the US.

It is well known for the interior designs it offers to its clients. The showrooms are mind-blowing and attention-seeking. On the other hand, Apple pay is a popular app for transactions. 

Apple Pay is used for contactless transactions. It is safe and secure to make transactions. You don’t need to carry your cards, cash, or cheques when you use Apple Pay. Apple Pay has more than 383 million users worldwide. 

It has a big user base all over the globe. In this article, we will know whether Menards accepts Apple Pay. If yes, then how to use it? And if not, then why not? 

Does Menards accept Apple Pay in-store? 

Menards accept Apple Pay

As we know that Apple Pay is a leading brand among payment-making apps. Its user base is continuously increasing day by day.  

Everyone is shifting towards Apple pay to make transactions as it is reliable, fast, and secure. 

But you will be surprised to know that Menards currently does not accept Apple Pay. So you can not make Payment by Apple Pay online or in-store as it is the policy of Menards. 

However, there are other payment options that Menards accept. We will know about them in this article. 

Why don’t Menards accept Apple Pay?

It sounds surprising when someone says that the brand is not accepting Apple Pay. Apple is a leading platform for transactions, and any brand or store can say no to adopting it; you might think like that. 

And, of course, we are humans; raising questions in mind about the things we like the most is a very common thing. Well, there may be some other reasons behind it, as you can see that Menards does not allow google pay or Samsung pay. 

There are some reasons. First, Menards is not a Merchants Clients Exchange(MCE) member. 

Merchant Client Exchange is a group of companies that have created mobile banking applications in contrast to Target Or Walmart. 

Menards still don’t have any Merchant Client Exchange banking application; therefore, it can not take any payment online. 

There is another reason that Menards has worked with some other big giants and rendered Apple Pay users to apply their wallet with Apple Pay and Menards did the same with MasterCard and Visa card users. 

These are why Menards is currently not accepting any contactless payments. In the future, Menards will adopt any of these payment methods.

When will Menards start accepting Apple Pay? 

Menards is not accepting Apple Pay for some reasons, as we discussed above. But Menards will still accept Apple pay in the future.

The future is unpredictable, and if we see at the behavior of Menards towards Apple Pay, it can be seen that Menards is not in the mood to accept Apple pay or any other contactless payment these days. 

Menards seems to prefer to be satisfied if you want to make Payment with Apple Pay. 

At this stage, it can not be claimed that Menards will accept Apple Pay or any contactless payment. 

If you still want to pay contactless, you can ask their salesman whether he takes Apple pay. 

If he individually accepts Apple Pay, you can pay him; if not, you have to pay through your cards or whatever payment options available at that stage. But yes, people have yet to see the future. 

Menards may accept Merchant Client Exchange banking applications and start accepting Apple Pay and other contactless payment methods. So the decision depends on Menards.

Menards Payment Method: 

Doubtless, Payment can be made through other mediums rather than contactless. 

But in today’s world, it is seen that brands that do not accept others’ contactless payment methods develop their own and work on them. 

For example, you look at HEB Go or Konger Pay, where you can make transactions at their stores, and no other contactless application is allowed there. 

But as we know, Menards has yet to accept any Merchant Client Exchange banking application; therefore, it can’t develop and execute its contactless payment mechanism. 

However, as usual, you can make transactions through other mediums like VISA card, Master card, American Express, Discover, and Menards Big cards. 

So these were some traditional payment methods that Menards accepts as payment methods. 

Conclusion :

Menards is a brand that deals in Showrooms. Menards currently does not accept Apple Pay and other payment-making apps as Menards doesn’t have a Merchant Client Exchange banking application to accept Payment through contactless transactions. 

There are other reasons behind it, but it was one of them. According to today’s speculations of Menards, Menards will not accept any contactless payment method, whether it is google pay, Apple pay, or any other contactless payment app.

However, it accepts other mediums of transactions like VISA cards, Master cards, American Express, Discover, and Menards Big cards. You can use these payment methods anytime to make a payment at Menards. 

Does Menards take Payment over the Phone? 

You can not make Payment with the Phone at Menards as it doesn’t accept any contactless payment method or application.

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