How to Get Discovery Plus on Apple TV (Watch Free)?

Discovery Plus Apple TV: You are in search of a streaming device that offers content like non-fiction programming and reality TV shows, can it be any better than Discovery Plus?

No, at least not on this date! Discovery plus has huge content to offer you like HGTV, food network, lifetime, BBC, TLC, and more.

You can choose if you want it with limited ads or ad-free. Of course, you need to pay for this.

That’s enough of Discovery Plus. You already know enough about it and that pulls you here, right?

We have got queries like ‘Is Discovery + available on Apple TV?’ ‘Is it free on Apple TV?’

So we have tried to cover all related queries in this article.

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Is discovery plus available on Apple TV?

How to Get Discovery Plus on Apple TV

Apple TV features Apple originals that include some award-winning series, popular dramas, some outstanding documentaries, kids’ entertainment, and many more!

But the question is whether Discovery + is available on Apple TV or not. and this question is quite popular. Fortunately, you can download and watch Discovery + on Apple TV. but the condition is you need to have an Apple TV of a later version.

How to watch discovery plus on Apple TV?

1. Head to the home screen and launch the App Store.

2. Tap and search Discovery Plus in the menu bar.

3. Once you have got it, click on the app icon to move to its info page.

4. Start downloading the app.

5. Open Discovery Plus app.

6. You need to enter your credentials like email address and password to create an account. This is only for the first time you open.

7. Now enter building info and select a plan that suits you.

Congo! You can start watching Discovery Plus. It was easy. No?

You can watch any content after log in.

Discovery Plus is offering 1000 + hours of content in 2021.

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Hopefully, we have covered everything related to Discovery + App.

Still, you think if we missed some points, we appreciate the feedback.

If you find any issue while adding the Discovery Plus app on your Apple TV, let us know for sure.


Is “Discovery Plus” free on Apple TV?

Currently, there is only one way to enjoy Discovery plus contents free of cost. You need to be an existing Verizon customer or if you have chosen plans of FiOS, 5G home internet, or any unlimited plan of Discovery Plus then you can watch contents free for 12 months.

Does Apple TV have Discovery +?

Yes, Discovery Plus is available on Apple TV. It comes with it as a native tvOS app. But you should be careful while choosing the models as all models don’t support Discovery Plus.

Discovery + is available on which Apple TV models?

Apple TV devices that are made in 2015 and later support Discovery Plus. Devices like Apple TV HD, Apple TV 4K are good to use. But if you have older models, off Apple TV then unfortunately they are not supported now. There is no expectation of any changes in the near future.

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