Biporjoy Vavajodu live Location 2024 Gujarat App [Check Today]

Storms have been a recurring occurrence in India since ancient times. Earlier predictions were merely based on a few calculations known primitively to men. Thus, people could not find out the timing of such events. Due to this issue, many lost their homes and lives. But such is not now, as the meteorological society of every country is well equipped to read the weather metrics closely.

People recently in our country waited with much bated breath for the crossing of Biporjoy, the newest cyclone in a row. Ever since the global warming issue showed up, people have been experiencing more and more cyclones all over the world. Not just cyclones, but tornadoes and forms of floods and storms are also prevalent in many parts of the world.


What is Vavajodu & Biporjoy?

The cyclone Biporjoy has been predicted for quite some time now. People had a hard time managing themselves as they learned the storm was about to hit the coastal areas. It originated in the Arabian Sea and moved at a speed of almost 200 kilometres per hour at its peak. Biporjoy is designated as a category-3 tropical cyclone as per the SSHWS/JTWC metres.

It impacted the Kutch region of Gujarat, India, and hit Karachi, Pakistan, at its peak. The cyclone influenced the climatic conditions of almost eight states in India and almost half of Pakistan. Biporjoy formation began somewhere from June 4th to June 6th, 2023, and hit India and Pakistan on June 15th, 2023. The pressure it brought in was almost 1005hPa.

It passed last night through Kutch, Dwarka, Jamnagar, Junagadh, Porbandar, and even through Mandvi and Jakhau port in Karachi.

How to Get Vavajodu live location app?

There are a number of weather apps that work great to tell you more about live location details.

Apps like, Clime, Windy, and even Mosdac with Baba Jodo Map can tell you more about the live location.

vavajodu live location windy

Not just live tracking, these apps also provide satellite images, forecast wind direction, local wind speed, wind gust-related information, and a lot more.

You can get these apps from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. If you want, you can download these apps, install them on your device, and start using them for your benefit. But note that for a live location, you will need a steady internet connection.

How to check Biporjoy Vavajodu live location?

The Vavajodu live map 2024 for the cyclone was traced 715 km south of Karachi in Pakistan, and while moving northwards, its wind speed was recorded somewhere as 9 km/hour for the last few hours before it took on a violent shape.

  • If you have a live location app for a cyclone right now, you will need to turn it on.
  • After opening the app, click on the Cyclone Biporjoy tab.
  • Now move to the live location tab.
  • You can read the live location of Biporjoy in just a few minutes.

If you want to look at how the live Vavajodu Gujarat 2024 today map will appear on your screen, you must look at the following screenshot for the Vavajodu live 2024 Gujarat map.

Biporjoy in India

How to track cyclone location?

The scientist often uses a variety of methods to track the path of the cyclone. These methods include the use of aircraft, satellite images, and a variety of computer models to predict the path of the cyclone.

Three basic models of prediction are used by scientists.

  • The first is a simple statistical comparison of the typical paths hurricanes and cyclones take in a region in comparison to the recent observed motion of the storm.
  • The second one is the statistical dynamical model, which is based on equations that forecast large-scale circulation in relation to atmospheric changes like pressure, wind, and moisture.
  • In the purely dynamic forecast model, equations are solved in relation to the large-scale circulation of the air and also to details around the tropical cyclone itself. With the help of a dynamic forecast model, anyone can understand how tropical cyclones respond to their impact.

How do scientists track cyclone?

Cyclone formations are being predicted well in advance, and a rough estimate of their path is also being created. After making a basic prediction, scientists are keeping an eye on the already-created cyclones. If any area shows activity, then all the predictions around that particular cyclone are put to immediate use.

Computer models are used to generate cyclone details, along with the right use of satellite imaging technology.

Usually, cyclone prediction is done on the basis of the following factors;

  • Amount of rainfall in particular regions.
  • Wind formation in the lower stratosphere.
  • Atmospheric pressure in the adjoining areas
  • El Nino’s route and previous cyclonic formations
  • The previous month’s forecasts and other atmospheric details.


Cyclones bring rain, but they also bring destruction, and thus, in India, they are treated as unwanted guests. Without them, there will be a lot less rainfall in the country, and with them; people have to tolerate many other kinds of damages and issues. Thus, there is only one way to use them in the best possible way. It is to be on high alert when they start forming. Timely evacuations and warnings, as well as official orders and safety measures, can make the country use the cyclone rains to the best possible use.

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