How to Create Axie Infinity Account on Android/iPhone [2024]?

Axie is a web browser that uses Blockchain technology to bring in rewards to its players. In this game, the players partially own the game and are primarily operated by the players participating in the game.

How to Create Axie Infinity Account

By earning AXS tokens you can easily play and use them to decide the future of the game. With Axie you can build teams and conquer your enemies easily. Adventure, Arena battles, and breeding are some forms of games played by the players. 

By choosing to breed you can mix match parents to create the right combination of offspring. By playing through PvP battles you can become and create legends. Battle the Chimaera and earn rare valuables which can be sued to upgrade the Axie army which follows you.

To create an Axie infinity account on Android, you can use any browser or specifically download the Kiwi browser. Each of these Axie has some strengths and weaknesses carried forward in their genes. Now, using these Axie you can create an army of your own to win the battles.

  • Once you do so, you’ll have to move to the Axie infinity website.
  • From your webpage, you need to click on the sidebar button for more options and then click on the Getting Started option.
  • Keep moving down and then click on the Android download link. Further, download and install the apk file on your device.
  • Scan the QR code to finally login to the device.
  • Once you log in simply move through and start playing the game.

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How to create Axie infinity account on iOS/iPhone?

  • From the Axie Infinity website, click on the tab which reads iOS download.
  • It will get downloaded and then you’ll have to install it on your phone.
  • Create an account with Mavis hub.
  • Verify you’re a human and then once your account is set, you can easily glide through it.
  • You are all set to enter the account.


How do I connect my Axie Infinity to my Android phone?

You can connect your Axie Infinity app to your Android phone by downloading it and installing the app on your device.

How do I log into infinity on Axie?

To log into infinity on Axie you can either use a Ronin Wallet account, Meta mask, or simply use your email and password.

If you’re logging in through the Ronin Wallet account or the Meta mask account, you can simply create a new account after downloading the Ronin wallet or Meta mask account.

Use its credentials to create an account with Infinity on Axie.

You can also use the email and password to create or register with Axie. Verify your email ID and then start using your account.

Can I play Axie Infinity on multiple devices?

 You can use one Axie infinity account on multiple devices. Once you’ve created an account, that can be used anywhere on any kind of device to bring forth the game whenever you want.

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