How to register My Morrisons More Card [2022]? Check Requirement

  • What is morrisons more card?

For the loyal Morrison’s customers there is a slight change indicated by the Morrison store in their loyalty program. Previously their customers could avail gifts and offers through the Morrison card but now, they can do so through the Morrison app. You can also access the offers and discounts from the Morrison’s website. 

According to the store owners, they listened to their loyal customers by shifting to instant benefits and offers from the earlier used point systems. Customers were keen to avail offers building up daily instead of building points throughout.

For every one pound spent on the site, you could earn 5 points with your More Card. Customers were also receiving 5 points for a liter of petrol and 5 points for every 5000 points accumulated. The NHS staffs received special offers, discounts and treats. Nonetheless, every Morrison card holder was eligible for the Christmas saver scheme and so on.

But the app also promises customized offers and discounts alongside your preferences and claims.

How to get morrisons more card?

register My Morrisons More Card

You can register for the Morrison card by filling out a form. Simply install the card through the app or directly from the Morrison’s website in your phone to access the offers.

If you have a physical card you can even use it.

How to register my morrisons more card?

To register with the Morrisons, you will need to go through the following steps.

  • Visit using your tablet or computer.
  • Register using your email address an account with the Morrisons.
  • You have to put in your complete name, email address, postcode and password.
  • You also have to let them know if you’re above 16 years and if you would like to have exclusive offers and communications.
  • Finally, you have to prove you’re not a robot.
  • Sign in by clicking on the Get Started tab.


You only need to be a loyal customer of the Morrisons and you need to have an UK postal code.

Morrisons card Benefits?

The benefits provided by the Morrison’s card are same as the Morrison’s app. Morrison’s card offers you points and discounts. They intimate you about current offers and also helps you get percentage offs on products when purchased. There is in fact more in store, with the Morrison’s app. There are several benefits of the Morrison app and one of its prime benefits is the personalized offers.  

  • The personalized offers will suit every pocket and there will be a gift for everyone in the kitty. If you have to buy a few pieces your offers will be determined by your shopping habits. But you would have to activate your offers first in order to avail them. 
  • There are a lot of offers that you can activate in the process. It’s not limited in any way.
  • With the Morrison’s you can easily pull out a paper voucher for your discounts in bill. If you’re not having access to the internet, you can easily collect your points from the store through a paper bill.
  • FAQ

How long does morrisons more card take to arrive?

It will get delivered to your address within a span of 7-10 days.

Is morrisons more card free?

Yes, the Morrison’s card comes for free.

Is morrisons more card ending?

Yes, with the change in their new loyalty program, the Morrisons more card is ending.

How morrisons more card works?

For every one pound shopping, the Morrison’s can get five points. Once you have collected enough points you will be able to encash them.


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