How to cancel processing payment in google pay android?

For the record: In-app, online, and in-person contactless transactions on mobile devices are powered by Google Pay, a digital wallet platform and online payment system that enables users to make payments with Android phones, tablets, or smartwatches on the go. 

In other words, you can use google pay to make payments anywhere and everywhere where UPI is accepted. You can even pay electricity bills and avail of the of features like mobile recharge. Also, Google pay also provides its users with some attractive and useful offers.

cancel payment in google pay

If you have made a payment and due to some issues your payment is stuck under the payment processing heading and now you are confused about how to cancel payment in google pay, then here is how you can cancel the processing payment in Google pay android. In that case, consider the steps below:

How to cancel processing payment in google pay android?

Step 1- Sign in to your google pay account from the android device that you are using. 

Step 2- Now at the top left corner you would find the Menu option within the app.

Step 3- After you have clicked on the menu option, scroll down until you find the transactions tab.

Step 4- Now navigate to the transaction that is pending and that you wish to cancel.

Step 5- After you have found the transaction that you wish to cancel, click on it and tap on the cancel payment button to execute the cancellation.

So, this is how you can cancel google pay payment processing on android.

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How to cancel processing payment in google pay iPhone?

google pay

Here is how to cancel the processing payment in Google Pay Android if you have made a payment but for some reason, and now it is still listed under the payment processing section. In that case, if you are unsure how to cancel a payment in Google Pay, do consider the instructions below:

Step 1: From the Android device you are using, log in to your Google Pay account.

Step 2: The app’s menu choice is located in the upper left corner, tap on it!

Step 3: Scroll down until you locate the option for transactions after selecting the menu item.

Step 4: Go to the transaction you wish to cancel that is currently pending.

Step 5: Once you’ve located the transaction you want to cancel, tap on it to carry out the cancellation, and that’s it!


Can you cancel a pending transaction on Google Pay?

If you are observing that your payment is stuck on processing in google pay then you can cancel the payment by following the methods that are mentioned above and cancel the payment. 

However, if the money is debited from your bank account then you cannot cancel it. Now, it would take your bank to process the payment in under 3 business days.

What is Google pay Payment Processing Time?

The transaction using Google Pay balance takes a little while. With your debit card, the process takes a short while. At times, it could take up to as long as 24 hours. Also, for transactions made using your bank account, it might take up to 5 working days.

Will google pay refund money if scammed?

On Google Pay, it is a fraud if someone asks for sensitive information such as personal financial details. Your passwords, passcodes, or a link to a password reset page will never be requested by Google customer service or technical assistance. 

If you get caught up in such a trap then you can raise a dispute against fraudulent payment or report it directly to google pay. Once all the processes are finished, you will receive your reimbursement in an hour. Your problem ought to be resolved by Google Pay in no more than 30 days. You can complain to Google Pay if the business refuses to resolve your issue. This does not, however, ensure a 100% resolution.

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