Booyah App – How to use & Connect Booyah with free Fire?

Welcome, Today, I will tell you how to use Booyah App & Connect it with the Free Fire to live stream your gameplay videos.

Now share your gaming videos, live stream free-fire gaming videos on Facebook, Youtube, other social media platforms using the Booyah app. Also, get free coins and diamonds in your free fire account.

If you love playing games and you are good at it. Then now it’s time to show the world your talent using this live stream application. To know more about this android app. Explore this article to the end.

What is Booyah App?

Game NameBooyah App
Size12 MB
Current Version1.16
Ratings4.5 stars
Android Required4.1 and up

It is one of the most famous online games. Garena free fire streaming platform launched by Garena itself. You can stream live gameplay videos on Booyah and other social media platforms using this application.

Apart from live streaming, it is also getting famous for providing free coins and diamonds that are very demanding in ‘free fire’ to buy useful items like weapons, skins, etc in the game.

You can watch other players’ gameplay videos too.

How to Use Booyah App?

Booyah app is a Garena Free fire game streaming application. If you are a gamer and want to share your gaming videos with friends and the public then you can easily do it with this multitasking app.

Here are the Steps

  1. Once you have created an account, you can go to the + icon.
  2. Press it to begin the live streaming process.
  3. Start recording your Free Fire highlight right there.
  4. With the app, you can collect free tickets with the Booyah app. This can be done from the chat segment of the app.
  5. Rewarding the streamers is easy when this app is used as free tickets can be given away to them.
  6. When you give away 500 Booyah tickets, 10 diamonds will be deposited in your account.

How to connect Booyah app with Free Fire?

There are different tasks on the Booyah app that will help you earn diamonds. There are a few activities right now that can help you fetch different gaming currencies. Most of the activities are announced and advertised beforehand.

  1. After downloading the Booyah app from the Google Play store or Apple AppStore, you must bind it to your Garena account.
  2. From the Task Center, visit and view all the tasks that are there for you to perform.
  1. Finish all the tasks to earn the awards. Choose from the daily and the limited tasks. The time tasks yield the best results however, you can use any.
  2. The tasks offered are mostly concerned with watching game clippings. Press the option called Watch clips to win.
  1. When you start a task, you must remember to complete it as soon as possible, since the tasks expire midway.


  • Don’t play alone, live stream your gaming, and show your friends your skill.
  • Grow your gaming youtube channel and earn money using booyah.
  • Record your gaming videos and upload them here for other users.
  • Get an audience from all over the world for your videos.
  • You can restream your existing video on Booyah.
  • Chat with real-time viewers on booyah live streaming.

How to get free diamonds in Free Fire?

  • First, you need to install App Booyah.
  • In next step, you need to set up your account and for that connect your Booyah Account with Garena free fire account
  • There, you will see many drop enabled streams, watch them and under the chat section, you will get free Booyah Tickets.
  • Now, use these tickets to buy gifts and rewards.
  • When you spend 500 Booyah tickets, your account will be credited with 10 Diamonds.

This is How you can get free diamonds in Free fire with or without an app.

How to Download & Install Booyah App?

  • Click on the Install App button below
  • You will be redirected to the download page.
  • Again you will see the install button. Tap on it.
  • This will initiate the installation process and hence the app will get installed easily.

How much data does Booyah app use?

Live streaming uses as much data as is used by other apps. Usually, the better the streaming quality, the more will be data used by the app.


Here’s a bit about the Booyah app, and to get the Booyah app working, read this small article to know more about it.

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