Best free fax app for iPhone 2024 & Android-How to use free fax app?

What is the free fax app for iPhone?

Several free fax apps for iOS devices can convert your iPhone/iPad/iPod into a fax machine. These apps can make you easily receive and send a fax to the sender. All you need to do is push a tab and receive & send faxes. Through the toll-free number assigned by the app temporarily for 24-hours to its users, one can send and receive faxes.

Not only faxing people, but you can also sign documents, complete forms, and immediately fax them without even printing them. Most of these free fax apps completely integrate with Dropbox and also your inbox.

What is the best free fax app for iPhone 2024?

free fax app for iPhone

Currently, there are many variants of the fax app in the world. Out of these, DingTone is the best one to date. It offers military-grade protection and is compliant with HIPAA faxing rules. DingTone is marginally priced than the other apps. For 500 credits, DingTone offers 50 bonus credits and is placed at $9.99. When buying 1000 credits, you will be given 100 credits and that comes up at an $18.99 price.

How to use free fax app for iPhone?

To turn your iPhone into a faxing device, here are the steps you have to consider.

  • After downloading the Ding tone app, you need to click on the Send a Free Fax.
  • Add the details like the fax number and name of the recipient.
  • Add any other comments you have about the fax.
  • Click on the scan/add documents to attach the document to the fax being sent.
  • Select the document or the image from its location in the device.
  • If you want to create a document, either press the Scan a document tab or the Write text tab.
  • If you have an attachment editing it as per requirement is also essential.
  • You can see its preview and then click on the Send tab to send the fax to the recipient.

How to fax from iPhone?

To send a fax from your iPhone, you will have to use the following steps.

  • The fax can be sent by using the iPhone Notes.
  • Copy the note or export it to Cloud Storage devices like iCloud, Google Drive, or using Dropbox.
  • Use an app like DingTone to tag the document to send the fax.

Best faxing app for iPhone & android-online ding tone fax

DingTone is said to be one of the best available alternatives in the market as a fax app. With almost 16000+ users and a 99.93% success in sending the faxes, this is one of the best. With DingTone you will get multiple fax cover sheets to choose from, unlimited faxing facilities for all budgets, and sending faxes anywhere, anytime is possible.

Is fax from iPhone free?

Fax apps are not free but most offer free-trial facilities. There is some that charge highly but there are also some that charge less or flexibly. One such app is the DingTone apps which allow credits for a particular price.

Can I fax a document from my iPhone?

Yes, you can fax a document from your iPhone quicker than you expect.


If you need a fax app immediately then read this article to know the ease with which you can use your phone as a fax machine. Try out the one we recommend or choose the one you think can meet your demands.

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